My Appointment with Destiny

It’s been five days since I turned in my seat relocation forms and I am eagerly waiting to hear when the relocation process will begin. The process has been fairly hands-off in the past. I would turn in the forms then after a predetermined time period I would receive notification of whether my relocation had been successful. It was always a nerve wracking time sitting and waiting to hear where my seats would be located for the upcoming season. It was made even more stressful by the fact that my relocation forms have been lost before causing me to fall through the cracks. That nearly resulted in a call to the suicide hotline to talk me off the ledge.

I’ve long been a proponent of changing this process to give the fans an opportunity to be more involved in selecting their seats for the upcoming season. I wasn’t exactly sure how that would work but I thought that if people had a chance to decide their own relocation destiny that would be a good thing.

Since the ownership change with the Arizona Diamondbacks I have witnessed several changes and all for the good. Customer Service is of paramount importance to them and they take every opportunity to make the fans feel welcome and to enhance the experience we have at the ballpark. They eagerly listen to feedback and have implemented many changes as a result of what the fans have asked for.

This year marks another example of this. Today I received an email from the Diamondbacks outlining the new seat relocation process. Each account holder will be given an appointment when they can go down to Chase Field and select their new seat locations. This helps the fan feel empowered that they are able to select the seats that will meet their needs and know they chose the seats that are best suited to get the most out of each and every game.

My appointment is scheduled for next Thursday October 23 at 11:00 AM. At this time I will have an opportunity to select the seat I will be sitting in for the 2009 season. Over the first 11 seasons I have been able to slowly upgrade each year to the point where I have very good seats. I have identified 24 section and row combinations that I think would be better than what I currently have. Now with this appointment I will be able to see for myself whether my choices were correct.

I’ve colored the calendar day in Sedona Red and blocked out time on my calendar so that I don’t forget. I’m sure over the next week I will probably drive my family crazy as I continually remind them of the upcoming relocation event. This is going to be great and I can hardly wait.

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