A Trip Down Memory Lane

Trina and the kids had an evening filled with activities. Since I did not get home until late they had already left meaning I would be home alone tonight. I am sure that the thoughts of me being home alone strikes fear in the heart of my wife. Not that she is worried about me; quite the contrary she is worried about what I might do. It seems as though trouble always follows me and tends to jump out from behind a corner to scare the living daylights out of us when we least expect it. It’s kind of like the Home Alone movie with me playing the parts of the little boy Kevin but also the bad guy Marv. Don’t ask me to explain it; it just seems to happen. I can assure you; it’s no cake walk for me either. You try explaining how you hit yourself in the head with a paint can some time.

Rather than subject myself to some form of physical comedy that is usually funnier to the people observing I decided to take it easy this evening. I’d make myself some dinner and sit down and watch the MLB Network. Ah, I don’t think I am ever going to get tired of saying that; MLBN. Having a television channel dedicated to providing 24-hour a day baseball programming just shows that there is a God and he loves the people of the earth. God may not love all the people of the earth but at least he loves those who have satellite or cable television that have partnered with Major League Baseball. The rest God made Pittsburgh Pirates fans.

I flipped on the television turning the DirecTV receiver to channel 213. I paused for a second to notice that after 6 days my DirecTV remote was already starting to show wear on the 2, 1, and 3 buttons. As the channel changed I found the program just beginning. Every Tuesday the MLB Network shows episodes of the 1994 Ken Burns documentary “Baseball”. It’s hard to believe that it has been 15 years since this was released. I remember when it first came out and I sat glued to the television (I would say literally but that’s another story. Just a tip, don’t try to fix a television knob with Super Glue it would be bad).

Tonight the MLB Network was showing the segment that described the origins of baseball. I sat and marveled at the photos and the accounts as the narrator described how this great game came to be. It is amazing to think about how far this game has come since its birth. I was especially fascinated with the descriptions and accounts during the Civil War era. In all the years I spent in American History classes in school I never remember any of the teachers talking about baseball and the War Between the States. I found myself staring at the black and white photos and intently listening as they talked about how companies of soldiers would be playing baseball while battles were waged within ear shot.

In all it was an interesting evening spent remembering figures who long ago shaped the game we love. And I’m happy to report that I came away relatively unscathed from my evening alone. I can’t say the same for the oven. Who knew that a potato would actually explode while baking it? Mashed potatoes make a good meal too even if you do have to scrape them off the sides of the oven.

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