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Happy Anniversary Dear

There are few things that will bring damnation to a man’s soul quicker than forgetting the birthday or anniversary of someone you love. I’ve heard tales where men were burned at the stake when they realized too late that they forgot to recognize their wife’s birthday or somehow spaced off the fact that it was their anniversary. My experience has been that women fall within two camps. The first type will drop subtle hints to...

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Week from Anticipation

One of my favorite scenes from the movie Back to the Future is when Doc Brown is standing at the clock tower waiting for Marty McFly to return from the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. They are under extreme time pressure if they hope to send Marty back to 1985 using the lightning strike to the tower. I mean where else are you going to get 1.21 gigawatts especially in 1955. So here is Doc Brown pacing back and forth looking at the various time...

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What Happened?

The number of entries on Diary of a Diehard was quite consistent for nearly two years then suddenly at the end of the 2008 season they ground to a halt. Over the off-season my email inbox was littered with equal amounts of get well cards and messages questioning what was going on. In the immortal words of Mark Twain in a letter to Frank E. Bliss in 1897, “”It has been reported that I was seriously ill–it was another man;...

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