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State of the Home Stand Address – April 24 – 29

At the conclusion of yesterday’s game the Arizona Diamondbacks left Chase Field and began their first extended road trip of the season. I say extended road trip because this isn’t just a 3 game series the back home. Instead the Diamondbacks will travel to Milwaukee Wisconsin for three games against the Brewers followed by a trip to the west coast where they will face the Los Angeles Dodgers for two games before finishing the road...

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The First Rule of Scuba Diving

A few years ago I was feeling complacency in my life and really felt like I needed to introduce some excitement into my life. I came home one night from work and announced to my wife that I had just enrolled us in a scuba diving class that was starting the following night. I’ll never forget the look of confusion and terror that came across her face at this announcement. Looking back her reaction was probably quite normal considering I had...

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Changes in the Landscape

The one constant in the universe is nothing stays the same. In the case of the Arizona Diamondbacks 2009 season, this is probably a good thing. Over the first 19 games of the season it has not been good. If this season were a television show the networks would have already cancelled it due to viewer apathy and poor ratings. It’s unfortunate because there have been some moments that show promise and want you to tune into the next episode....

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Mystery Balls, Birthday Gifts, and the Cubs

This date on the calendar had long ago had a big Sedona Red circle around it. It was a day I was looking forward to and not because I had a date with the dental hygienist to have my teeth cleaned. No I was looking forward to this date despite having to go to the dentist. One of my favorite movie series has always been Back to the Future. Not only is it a cute 1980′s fun film but it also makes you stop and ponder the implications of such a...

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Going to the Dogs

I remember June 14, 1998 like it was yesterday. That is one of those dates that you remember your entire life and pray to whatever deity you worship that you never have to go through that ever again. It was in the midst of the Arizona Diamondbacks inaugural season and considering that the franchise was brand new they were doing pretty well. The seats at then Bank One Ballpark were filled to near capacity. Most people were there to see what this...

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The Return of Randy

I remember seeing the transaction come across the wire on January 9, 2007. It simply stated, “acquired LHP Randy Johnson and cash from the New York Yankees in exchange for RHP Luis Vizcaino, Ross Ohlendorf, Steven Jackson, and infielder Alberto Gonzalez”. That same day it was announced that the Diamondbacks had agreed to a contract extension with Johnson that would keep him in a Diamondbacks uniform through the 2008 season. This was...

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A Giant Tiny Tim

Last season I was adamantly opposed to the idea that San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum was the National League Cy Young award winner. I don’t have anything against Mr. Lincecum per se other than the fact that he is a San Francisco Giant but then I hold that against most every player on that team. The problem I had was the fact that the voters have no consistency when it comes to these awards. One year they will say that the winner...

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License to Vote

We live in a great country founded on freedom and personal rights. These freedoms have been challenged and we have sent soldiers to war to protect them. Freedom is something that each of us take pride in and there is not a day that goes by that we are not exposed to freedom in one sort or another. At Chase Field it is usually the freedom of speech or freedom of expression that I’m most aware of. Fans come to the game dressed in some of...

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Earth Day Diamondbacks Style

It’s interesting; for the first 8 years of their existence the Diamondbacks were focused on being green along with purple and copper. After the 2006 season they changed direction going away from their green heritage and instead basking in the glow of Sedona Red, Sonoran Sand, and Black. During that same period of time they chose to focus efforts on making their organization greener. So basically the message was that they wanted the...

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