One of the most anticipated moments each year is when the Arizona Diamondbacks release their promotional schedule. I already plan on attending every home game of the season but we have two season tickets which means someone is going with me. That someone in many cases is determined by the promotional schedule. As a husband and father I will usually take my wife or one of my kids to the ballpark. In the early years of the Diamondbacks it was much simpler. I have five kids and a wife so someone was usually trying to get out of the house and would go to the game. My oldest daughter has now graduated from college and is married. My next two daughters are likewise graduated from high school and are attending college out of state. This leaves my youngest daughter, my son, and my wife to divide up the games. Considering that my daughter has very little interest in baseball and you begin to see my dilemma. This is where the promotional schedule comes in.

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