I’ve always dreamed of a job working for Major League Baseball. I mean what fan does not envision himself in some capacity “straightening out” the commissioner’s office and letting them know what a “real fan” wants from the game? I keep looking at Monster.com and MLB.com but I can never find a job listing where the qualifications include “obsessive fan”. That doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying after all those people at the MLB offices can’t live forever. I used to think that I would take any job in baseball but as I have gotten older I have become more selective. For example I will no longer be willing to be the guy who taste tests the weird food at the ballpark. Give me a Hungry Hill Sausage and I’m happy; make me eat garlic fish tacos with peanut salsa and I’m probably going to lose it faster than the Washington Nationals. As of this year I have added another baseball job that I would never want to have.

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