Beginning with the 2007 season I instituted something I called the “State of the Home Stand Address” where I attempted to my thoughts and ideas on how the season was going both from a team perspective and also from a stadium point of view. This series became quite popular and was well received by the readers. It was therefore continued for the 2008 season and again was among the more popular posts that were done. During the off-season I was asked on numerous occasions if I would be continuing it so to show that I really do listen (despite what my wife says) I will be continuing this series for the 2009 season. As always let me reiterate; these views are my own and in no way represent the thoughts of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Bud Selig, Major League Baseball, or any other san fan for that matter. Your mileage may vary, objects in the rearview mirror may be closer than they appear, and this offer is not valid in the states of Texas or Arkansas. That should pretty much cover all of the standard disclaimers. So with that let’s get started and start talking about the state of the first home stand.

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