It’s interesting; for the first 8 years of their existence the Diamondbacks were focused on being green along with purple and copper. After the 2006 season they changed direction going away from their green heritage and instead basking in the glow of Sedona Red, Sonoran Sand, and Black. During that same period of time they chose to focus efforts on making their organization greener. So basically the message was that they wanted the company to be green just not the team. I think that pretty much sums it up, I think. Yesterday the Arizona Diamondbacks announced that they had hired a green consulting firm (no word on whether said firm is also into purple consulting but I’m checking). The goal is to make Chase Field LEED certified by the end of next year. LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a certification program and set of standards that determines a structure is environmentally sustainable in its construction. There are several classifications for LEED that cover new construction as well as existing buildings.

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