A Proud Parent

When my wife and I began having children we were young and very naïve. Like many people our age we thought we were prepared to start a family and had a list of things we thought they should learn and know. The problem of course was that neither of us shared that list with each other so when children came along we found ourselves at times at odds with one another as parents. This coupled with the fact that the hospital forgot to give us the owner’s manual or the warranty information on these kids made it extremely difficult to raise them right or make sure that their maintenance records were up to day in case we wanted to sell them as used kids later on. Even with this lack of proper documentation the kids turned out ok (despite my parenting skills according to my wife).

Every parent has a secret wish that their kids will turn out to be ok and become solid citizens in life. I too have that dream that one day I can look at my grown children with a sense of pride knowing that the years of dedication and hard work paid off and they haven’t become serial killers or worse Red Sox fans.

My kids have had a somewhat strange childhood at least compared to other friends of ours. By strange I am not talking about “Bobby has two mommies” kind of stuff (not that there is anything wrong with Bobby having two mommies it is just that I had a hard enough time dealing with one mommy and therefore feel for any kid who has two women yelling at him to clean his room). No my kids weirdness is more a result of their dad being some sort of obsessed baseball fanatic.

Since 1998 my kids have literally grown up at the ballpark. I remember Diamondbacks Opening Day 1998 and standing in our seats watching the first pitch in Diamondbacks history. Standing next to me was my wife Trina and in her arms was my son who was just a baby. It was the first Opening Day for my son but it was far from the last. He has been there every year and with this season it marked his 12th Opening Day. Likewise my four daughters have also spent a fair amount of time at Bank One Ballpark/Chase Field. There have been several major events in our lives and all of them somehow involved the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Now my oldest daughter is married and I have two other daughters who are now in college. Whenever I talk to them either on the phone or when they come to visit the conversation always seems to gravitate to baseball and the experiences they had growing up. Baseball has become multi-generational in our house and it has become an extremely important part of who they are. So it should not have come as a surprise when my oldest daughter Ashley called me tonight.

With the Diamondbacks out of town I was involved in family non-baseball things. In this case my youngest daughter had a band concert and we were sitting under the stars listening. I would like to say intently listening but to be honest I had my iPhone out constantly checking the Diamondbacks vs. Giants score.

When my phone rang I excused myself and took the call. My oldest daughter was calling to tell me that they were in San Francisco and they just so happened to be sitting in AT&T Park watching the Giants and Diamondbacks play. She was dressed in her DBacks hat and shirt and was surrounded by a sea of Orange and Black. That didn’t deter her from cheering for “her team” and when she stood to root for them she pointed down to the small group of other Diamondbacks fans and said, “These are my people.” I was at that moment the proudest parent in the world. I realized that regardless of what other parenting mis-queues I had made one thing was certain. I instilled a love of baseball and particularly the Arizona Diamondbacks into my children. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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