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Another Home Stand, Another Loss

As I sat and watched the Arizona Diamondbacks be dismantled by the Atlanta Braves in the final game of the series I couldn’t help but wonder why the friendly confines of Chase Field were not so friendly this year to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Over the first 31 games at Chase Field the Diamondbacks have only managed a record of 12-19 and have not won a single series this year. This is quite different than the past couple of years when...

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Town Hall Meeting

After an exciting game at Chase Field, my family and I gathered up our Stephen Drew bobble head dolls and began to make our way to the exit. As we walked past the Diamondbacks dugout I happened to notice a large number of fans who remained seated in those sections. Besides the fans there, others were filtering down from other sections to find an empty seat above the dugout. After 11 innings I was curious what could be going on that these people...

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The Right Decision?

There were some questions going into the 2008 off-season with regards to the Arizona Diamondbacks starting pitching. The front of the rotation was set with co-aces Brandon Webb and Dan Haren. The back-end of the rotation was also likely set with Doug Davis and rookie sensation Max Scherzer. The big question was what Arizona would do with the number 3 spot in the rotation. Would they attempt to re-sign Randy Johnson and allow him to complete his...

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Offense vs. Defense

Rarely does a player come along that is the complete package. Usually they arrive with positives and negatives and the manager does the best to accentuate the player’s strengths while mitigating or hiding the weaknesses. That is the sign of a good manager to make the best of the talent that he is given. This is not a new or foreign concept, every manager at every level of baseball has to go through this. Whether that player is a child...

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Who’s Your Padre? Mad Max

Every season as Spring Training comes to a close the Diamondbacks players all get together and decide on one pitcher that they will withhold all support from whether it be offensively, defensively, or from a bullpen perspective. I’m of course being facetious or at least I think I am. Historically if we look back you could probably make a strong case that my comment was a fact. How else do you explain the lack of support that the team gave...

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Missed Representation

The first year player draft is quickly approaching. I have already noted my picks participating in various mock drafts that are taking place around the Internet. This is a very important draft for the Arizona Diamondbacks. With the team having seven of the first 64 picks in the draft this is a great opportunity to rebuild the farm system which has become depleted as of late due to the promotion of players and through trades to get much needed...

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A Fitting Memorial

Today marked the beginning of a six game home stand for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Their first opponent is the red hot San Diego Padres who entered today’s game riding a nine game winning streak. Under the advice of my doctor I am going to restrain from writing about the game today. Neither my nerves nor my blood pressure could take a lengthy diatribe about how the Diamondbacks squandered a six run lead or how once again the team seemed to...

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Making a Draft Mockery

As I logged in this morning I found an email waiting for me from Evan Brunell at Most Valuable Network (MVN). In the email was a plea for help. My mind immediately thought of the scene from Star Wars when R2D2 replayed the holographic image of Princess Leia to a young Luke Skywalker asking for assistance in delivering the plans of the Death Star to the rebel alliance. I have to be honest; the thoughts of Evan Brunell in a dress with a bun...

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Who Are These Guys?

For the entire 2009 season the Arizona Diamondbacks have never won consecutive series and have not had a winning streak that surpassed three games. Now all of a sudden they have split a series with the Braves with one game to be made up; beaten the Florida Marlins three times in four tries, and have taken the first two games of a series with the Oakland Athletics. I have only one question; who are these guys and what have they done with our...

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