After the Diamondbacks made the play-offs in 2007 reaching the National League Championship Series ahead of anyone’s schedule; the expectations for the core of young players rose to the point of the ridiculous. There was talk of years of domination in the division and numerous trips to the play-offs. When the 2008 season started Arizona once again opened up white hot in the month of April and by the end of the month they had established themselves as an elite team in the National League. Over the remainder of the season from May through September the team went into a slow tailspin that culminated in a season ending with the Diamondbacks finishing 3.5 games out of first place. The offense went from extremely hot to extremely cold in what seemed like a matter of days. Just when you began to give up hope the team would rally and put together a ridiculous game that would give you faith and you would catch yourself uttering the words, “this is just the catalyst they need to jump start their season.” The worse the team was playing the more you wanted to believe that statement. Almost always the team would revert back to a consistent lack of offense and the struggles continued.

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