Another Home Stand, Another Loss

As I sat and watched the Arizona Diamondbacks be dismantled by the Atlanta Braves in the final game of the series I couldn’t help but wonder why the friendly confines of Chase Field were not so friendly this year to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Over the first 31 games at Chase Field the Diamondbacks have only managed a record of 12-19 and have not won a single series this year.

This is quite different than the past couple of years when Arizona has dominated opponents in the desert. Last season for example the Diamondbacks went a respectable 48-33 at home and during their NL West winning season in 2007 Arizona posted a remarkable 50-31 mark at home.

It’s not just the losing record; it is how the Diamondbacks are losing that is so frustrating. It’s like the team invents new ways to sabotage themselves. For much of April it was the offense that failed to show up. The starting pitching was strong but the lack of run support made every game a pitching duel.

Now we see the hitters beginning to warm up and the pitching is falling apart. Whether it is the relievers who come into the game and don’t retire a batter while giving up numerous runs or in today’s case when the starting pitching digs such a hole that it is impossible for the offense to recover from it.

And in those rare occasions when the pitching and offense come together; the defense falls apart. You could probably count on one hand the number of games that the Diamondbacks have won at home that you would classify as a complete game with offense, defense, and pitching all gelling at the same time.

For the Arizona Diamondbacks to have any chance to compete this season and live up to the comments of Derrick Hall and AJ Hinch this needs to change.

The Diamondbacks now embark on probably their most important road trip of the season with a visit to Los Angeles and San Diego. They need to work out the team problems and return on June 9 with new confidence. They have 50 games left at Chase Field this season and they sorely need to regain the home field advantage.

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