Interleague Mayhem

Let me start off by saying I am not a big fan of Interleague play. Call me a traditionalist or a purist if you will but it just seems unnatural to see the National League teams playing in American League cities and utilizing the designated hitter. I can appreciate the argument that it gives the fans an opportunity to see players from the American League that they may not otherwise be able to see but honestly, how many people in the American League really want to see the Washington Nationals or the Cleveland Indians this year?

The problem with the argument against Interleague play is the fact that it draws huge attendance across almost every demographic. Given the huge upswing in fans at the games it is hard for Major League Baseball to criticize this new cash cow so instead they keep expanding it and building it up in the media. So for the next three games the fans at Oakland will be forced to watch two franchises who have struggled for most of the season and who don’t look to be a factor in the playoff race.

For Diamondbacks fans we’ll see away games against the Oakland Athletics, Kansas City Royals, and Seattle Mariners. With the exception of possibly seeing Jason Giambi hit his 400th home run, Zach Greinke throw a shut-out or Ken Griffey Jr. hit a monster home run there is very little else that holds interest in any of those match-ups. The home games for Interleague play have the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels visiting Chase Field. The Rangers so far are the surprise of baseball playing nearly .600 ball so far this season. Seeing them come to town and launch fly balls into the stands is not something any Diamondbacks fan wants to see. The Angels with their small ball and pitching depth again will make for three long games against the anemic Diamondbacks offense. No, there are not a lot of positives that can be said about Interleague play when you are a fan of the Diamondbacks. Even with the slight upturn that the team has shown this road trip the future still looks cloudy with a chance of rain for the Diamondbacks season.

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