Just For Mom?

There are times that I just don’t understand women. Take today for example. It is Mother’s Day and there is also an Arizona Diamondbacks game. Why then is it that my wife seems less than thrilled by the careful planning and thoughtfulness I had done to make this day special. I mean I had gone to the team shop last night and purchased her some of the nicest Diamondbacks apparel that I could find there. I found Sedona Red wrapping paper at the store that I stopped at after the game. I had even bought her an Arizona Diamondbacks post card that said “Wish You Were Here” with a picture of Chase Field. (They didn’t have Mother’s Day cards at the team shop; an issue I plan to bring up at a future date with the team shop manager). The Diamondbacks were even planning a giveaway of a tote bag for the first 5,000 mothers who came through the gates. Why then was my wife now balking at the thoughts of spending her “special day” at the ballpark? Granted, I believe any day at Chase Field constitutes a “special day” but I don’t think that should dilute the fact that the best Mother’s Day gift would be 3 hours of happy time in Section 112 Row 8 Seats 7-8.

Rather than being showered with thank-you kisses I was instead left to hear the lecture I get nearly every year about this time on how my priorities are misaligned and that I put the team before my own wife. That’s not true; they are at least equal (a comment I wisely kept to myself I might add since the last time I made that comment I found myself sleeping on the couch for at least 12 games). She went on to question my gift giving abilities saying something about how not everything a woman desires comes from the Team Shop. I tried suggesting that perhaps she just has not spent enough quality time in the Team Shop but I got that look that reminds me of the look Randy Johnson gave to hitters to intimidate them when he was with the Diamondbacks. Clearly we are not on the same wavelength and I am not quite sure how to get her to understand how wrong she is.

As we talked I began to think perhaps she was starting to get it. That was the only conclusion I could come to because her face was becoming a deeper and deeper shade of Sedona Red. Then out of the blue she exploded and in began talking in some unknown language. I only caught bits and pieces of her conversation. Some of it might have been because she was raising her voice or maybe it was because I turned on the Fox Sports Arizona pre-game show. Either way in the end I found myself with a pillow and an Arizona Diamondbacks blanket sitting on the couch trying to cover my feet to go to bed. I guess I should be grateful; at one time I considered getting her a pink baseball bat for Mother’s Day. I’m not sure I have enough insurance for a gift like that.

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