Let’s Play Two

I have been following the Arizona Diamondbacks since March 9, 1995 when then acting- commissioner Bud Selig announced at a meeting in West Palm Beach that baseball owners had voted 28-0 to expand Major League Baseball and awarded franchises to Tampa Bay Florida and Phoenix Arizona. Since that day I have been an Arizona Diamondbacks fan. Over the years I have seen or done pretty much everything imaginable with the Diamondbacks but there is one thing I haven’t accomplished as a fan.

I have never been to an Arizona Diamondbacks double header. I’m not talking about a split squad Spring Training kind of affair. No, I am talking about a full-fledged 18 inning experience with real Major League Baseball players in games that actually count in the standings.

I remember when I was a kid, there were certain days in a baseball season where your favorite team was actually scheduled to play two games in one day. These were magical days where if the baseball gods looked down upon you, your team could make up some ground in the standings. It also meant a full day at the ballpark. You get up in the morning, put on your favorite player’s jersey then get in the car to head to the ballpark. If you were lucky your dad would take you early enough to watch batting practice before game 1 and if you were really lucky the second game would go extra innings. Those days are long since gone. The players union and Major League Baseball owners would rather spread the games out over a season and with the cost of an average baseball player’s salary the last thing a team wants is to over-tax their pitching staff or bench. The double header is definitely a lost art and one that baseball fans everywhere lament. Now in order for your team to play in a double header it has to be a result of some weather related event. Since Arizona plays in a retractable roof stadium, the odds of a weather related event are somewhere between slim and never. Consequently unless you are travelling on the road with the team chances are you will never see the Diamondbacks play a double header in person.

So when rain cancelled game 1 of the series with the Florida Marlins; Major League Baseball scheduled the make-up game to be a double header today. The Diamondbacks have played in 10 double headers not counting today.

Double Header Date Opponent Result
April 16, 1998 St. Louis Cardinals Split
August 20, 1998 Philadelphia Phillies Split
September 23, 2000 San Francisco Giants Split
August 3, 2002 New York Mets D-Backs Sweep
April 27, 2003 New York Mets D-Backs Sweep
September 23, 2004 Colorado Rockies Rockies Sweep
June 4, 2005 Philadelphia Phillies Phillies Sweep
June 3, 2006 Atlanta Braves D-Backs Sweep
August 3, 2006 New York Mets Split
September 2, 2006 Washington Nationals D-Backs Sweep

As you can see, the Diamondbacks haven’t exactly set the baseball world on fire when playing a double header. If history is any indication we can expect to see the Marlins and Diamondbacks split the games today. You just never know though, maybe this is just the event that will catapult the team up in the standings and continue the modest 2-game winning streak. So in front of a crowd that looked more the number of fans you would see in the pool area at Chase Field; the Diamondbacks will play 2 games against the Marlins. I’ve never been jealous of diehard Marlins fans but today I caught myself wishing I lived in Miami and had tickets to a Marlins game.

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