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Interleague Mayhem

Let me start off by saying I am not a big fan of Interleague play. Call me a traditionalist or a purist if you will but it just seems unnatural to see the National League teams playing in American League cities and utilizing the designated hitter. I can appreciate the argument that it gives the fans an opportunity to see players from the American League that they may not otherwise be able to see but honestly, how many people in the American...

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Tragedy At Home

I’ve sat down to write this entry several times and each time I do I have to step away from the keyboard. It is not that I am distracted; it is just that this is one of the most difficult things I have ever written on this blog. As a diehard baseball fan, there are days when I think there is nothing more important than how your team is performing. I have been accused on numerous occasions to have my priorities off-track and that my entire...

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Let’s Play Two

I have been following the Arizona Diamondbacks since March 9, 1995 when then acting- commissioner Bud Selig announced at a meeting in West Palm Beach that baseball owners had voted 28-0 to expand Major League Baseball and awarded franchises to Tampa Bay Florida and Phoenix Arizona. Since that day I have been an Arizona Diamondbacks fan. Over the years I have seen or done pretty much everything imaginable with the Diamondbacks but there is one...

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Swimming with the Fishes

The Arizona Diamondbacks season schedule for 2009 has been very strange to say the least. It began with the world’s longest home stand that seemed to stretch through the entire month of April with the Diamondbacks having only 4 games away from Chase Field in the entire month. Now the team has embarked on a stretch where they have exactly one off day over 40 games. That amount of games in a short period of time can have a brutal effect on...

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A Parra Nines

Gerardo Parra has been identified as an up and coming prospect in the Arizona Diamondbacks minor league organization for quite some time. He has caught the eye not only of the Diamondbacks staff but all of baseball. Whenever the team attempted to broker a trade the other team invariably asked about Parra’s availability. To their credit the Diamondbacks have made Gerardo nearly untouchable instead allowing him to work his way through the...

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Winning to the Max

When the Arizona Diamondbacks drafted Max Scherzer with their number one pick in the 2006 Amateur First Year Draft there were high expectations for the power pitcher; there were also more than a fair share of concerns. Max came highly regarded with the potential to become one of the game’s most dominating pitchers. Those positives were offset by the concern that Scherzer may not be able to shoulder the load over the course of an entire...

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Double-D in Dutch

When the Arizona Diamondbacks introduced AJ Hinch as their new manager replacing Bob Melvin much was made about the lack of coaching experience that Hinch had. By lack of coaching I mean that he had never coached a day in either the major or minor leagues. There was some question as to how Hinch would handle this. General Manager Josh Byrnes sidestepped the question with curt answers that described terms such as “organizational...

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State of the Home Stand Address – May 8 – May 13

The Arizona Diamondbacks just completed a six-game home stand; one filled with changes and new beginnings but unfortunately with the same tired results. After a rare off-day yesterday, the only off day the team has in the month of May, the Diamondbacks are off to a ten-game road trip that will carry them from the not so friendly confines to Chase Field to Atlanta Georgia for a three game series against the Atlanta Braves. After the weekend...

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Chatting with the Prez

When Derrick Hall took over as president of the Arizona Diamondbacks at the conclusion of the 2006 season it ushered in a new chapter in team history and opened the door to an unprecedented level of communications between the team and its fan base. I always found former president Rich Dozier very open and willing to listen to the fans but compared to the policies and lines of communications implemented by Derrick the difference is night and...

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