Who Are These Guys?

For the entire 2009 season the Arizona Diamondbacks have never won consecutive series and have not had a winning streak that surpassed three games. Now all of a sudden they have split a series with the Braves with one game to be made up; beaten the Florida Marlins three times in four tries, and have taken the first two games of a series with the Oakland Athletics. I have only one question; who are these guys and what have they done with our Diamondbacks?

Clearly this season did not start out anywhere near what the Diamondbacks had drawn up. It seems every position player decided to go into a slump at the exact same time. The offense has been non-existent. Add to that all of the injuries and it has been a long season and we aren’t even through May yet. Who would have expected the Diamondbacks to have only one start from staff ace Brandon Webb or seen their starting left fielder be placed on the disabled list for “general illness” only to be diagnosed with Valley Fever with no timetable for his return? They have also had injuries to shortstop Stephen Drew, first baseman Tony Clark, pitcher Yusmeiro Petit, and pitcher Tom Gordon. There is also the curious case of Chris Young who suddenly can’t hit a baseball or reliever Jon Rauch who can barely find the strike zone. Both of these players were being counted on to fill important roles for the Diamondbacks. Now they are both being counted out and the question becomes how long each will remain on the Diamondbacks 25-man roster.

Despite all of this the Diamondbacks have somehow flipped a switch on this road trip ending the day with a 6-2 record and going for a sweep against the Athletics. They have done it in some uncharacteristic ways coming from behind with timely hits and decent defense. Neither of these aspects have been trademarks of the Diamondbacks this season. The successful roadtrip has fans now wondering if the team has turned the corner and is about to make a run at the still hot Los Angeles Dodgers? Despite the winning streak and better play the Diamondbacks still find themselves 10.5 games in back of the Dodgers. Los Angeles has found a way to win despite not having Manny Ramirez in the line-up. That doesn’t bode well for the snakes. Rather than get caught up in all of that though perhaps it is time to just savor the moment and find a little happiness in the fact that this team has shown that it is possible to win with the players currently on the roster.

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