Why I Love the Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks returned home from their first extended road trip and began a series against the Washington Nationals tonight. That of course was not the big news. No the big news was that Arizona had fired manager Bob Melvin; a result of the team’s poor start this season. Prior to tonight’s game the Diamondbacks held a press conference where they introduced their new manager; former Diamondbacks Director of Player Personnel – AJ Hinch. I’m going to postpone writing about my thoughts on this unconventional move until I can be a little more rational (something that passionate Diamondbacks fans are not accustomed to being with the team 12-17). As we left to go to Chase Field tonight I admit I was not in the best of moods. Not only were the Diamondbacks still struggling but now they lost one of the better coaches in baseball.

When we arrived at the ballpark my son and I made our way to our seats to watch the end of batting practice. In an effort to try and boost my spirits I stopped by Hungry Hill and got a Polish Sausage. They still do not have spicy mustard packets so I wasn’t exactly happy. We sat there watching the Nationals take the field to warm up. During this time a nice young lady walked by us and we said hello. She continued walking then stopped and returned to our seats.

Her name was Cara and she worked for the Arizona Diamondbacks. She asked if we happened to be season ticket holders. I proudly exclaimed that yes we were. She asked if we would be interested in upgrading our seats for the game tonight. Since I was already in a frustrated mood I thought perhaps this is a way for me to get out of my funk. I said yes and she asked for one of my tickets in exchange for the two she would be giving me. We exchanged tickets and I thanked her for her kindness. She went on to explain that we could go to the new seat locations at any time and that she hoped we enjoyed the game. I was in the middle of a polish sausage so I barely glanced at the tickets figuring I would wait until after I was done eating. I did thank Cara and as she walked away I thought how great the Diamondbacks organization was to have someone from season ticket services who was awarding ticket holders with upgraded seats for the night.

I just assumed that when Cara said upgraded seats that it would mean maybe a lower row in my section or an equivalent seat on the other side of the field. I’m always interested in seeing the game from a different vantage point so I thought this would be fun not just for me but for my son as well. We finished eating and I retrieved the tickets. The section number started with a “B” and I got really excited. I thought Section B was maybe above the visitor’s dugout which would be very cool to see a game from there.

We made our way to the ushers above the dugout and I gladly handed over the ticket for them to direct us to the right seats. I was somewhat surprised when the usher said he was not familiar with Section BB and needed assistance. I hadn’t noticed the second “B” so now I was extremely confused. The usher went and found someone to help and this second usher offered to show us to our new seats. We walked with her to behind the plate and began to go down towards field level. We kept walking and walking and walking and soon we were below ground level. At first I wondered if maybe we were going to be watching the game from the basement but she stopped and motioned to her right. I looked and there was the “Batter’s Box” section, the section right behind the catcher at ground level. My heart started racing as I looked at my son and he looked at me. We both got this giant grin on our faces as the usher led us to row 1 seat 2-3. We must have thanked that usher a million times and as she left both my son and I jumped up and down (in as cool a manner as we could). We took our seats and began taking in all the sights.

The public address announcer asked everyone to please rise for the national anthem. The singer was directly in front of us and as we looked at dbTV we were on there with the singer. This was awesome! We spent the night taking in every aspect of the game from these outrageously cool seats. I have never prayed for extra innings before but tonight I was hoping beyond hope that the game would end in a tie just so the night would never end. Alas, that was not the case and the Diamondbacks came up a run short. All in all, that didn’t really matter. I spent a dream game having the experience of a lifetime with my son all due to the kindness of a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks season ticket services staff. Cara’s job title may be season ticket representative but to us she will be always be a Diamondbacks angel. It is experiences and customer service like this that makes me proud to be a Diamondbacks fan.

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  1. That is so awesome. Congrats.

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