Diamondbacks Changing Colors Again?

One of the most traumatic days of my life occurred on November 8, 2006. It was one of those dates when later people mention a date and you know exactly where you were and what you were doing. In my universe it ranked right up there with where you were on the day the World Trade Center was attacked, the day of the Challenger space shuttle accident, or the day JFK was shot.

On that fateful evening the Arizona Diamondbacks shed their purple and teal skin and emerged wearing Sedona Red, Sonoran Sand, and Black (but only at home on Saturdays). Up until that time my wardrobe and consequently laundry day consisted of a small batch of other colors or white and a giant pile of purple. Compare that with now, there is very little if any purple laundry that must be done other than the occasional journey down memory lane. Instead our laundry room is filled every week with large batches of Sedona Red.

It has taken me nearly three years to come to grips with this change and the magnitude of effort it took for me to “convert”. My wife constantly reminds me of the cost involved both monetarily and emotionally when she had to talk me off the ledge about how the Diamondbacks had turned their back on 8 years of history. Yeah it was a very tough transition but one I am finally coming to grips with so you can imagine my fears when I went to Chase Field for the first game of the home stand against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

As we entered the stadium you could hear people walking around the concourse talking about the latest news. As I made my way to my seats I was passed by a couple of fans. One fan turned to the other and asked, “Did you hear that the Diamondbacks are going to go green?”

My heart began to race at the thoughts of all the changes I would again have to endure if the team decided to change their color scheme from Sedona Red to green. It would mean buying another 20 baseball hats, at least 30 shirts, blankets, a car trailer hitch cover, window decals, shoelaces (you can’t very well wear Sedona Red shoelaces with green uniforms or you’ll look like a Christmas present). No, this can’t be happening!

As we reached our section I stopped to talk to Katy our usher.

“Is it true that the Diamondbacks are going green?” I asked.

“Yes, the team will be green this home stand as a test” she said.

Oh this is even worse than I thought. I would need all new green stuff for the next 6 games then I may have to change back to Sedona Red. What in the world were they thinking? How could they do this?

At that point I dropped off my old Sedona Red seat cushion and made a beeline to the team shop hopping to pick up at least a hat and T-shirt sporting the team’s new green color scheme. The main shop on the concourse had absolutely no green merchandise except one hat in Spanish. I ran up the stairs to the upper deck team shop only to find that they too must have sold out of the green logo merchandise.

I made my way back to my seats dejected and just a little embarrassed that I was wearing the “old school” Sedona Red. I was despondent through most of the pre-game ceremonies feeling very self conscious about my fashion faux pas of wearing the old red merchandise.

The PA announcer introduced the ceremonial first pitch participant. He explained that the first pitch would be using a “green” baseball. Oh great, even the baseball was sporting the new colors. I just wanted to crawl underneath the green stadium seats from humiliation.

As the pitch was being thrown the announcer went on to explain that for the next 6 games the Diamondbacks would be going green doing their part to help the environment. I wave of relieve fell upon me as I realized that “going green” meant the team was becoming more ecologically minded and that they were not changing the team color scheme. I have never been so grateful as I was at that moment. Hopefully this idea of recycling will mean that the Diamondbacks will reuse all the hits they had during the game. I’d love nothing better than seeing the same 11 runs on the board for every game this home stand.

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