Another Puzzle Piece Discarded

As the Arizona Diamondbacks arrived home for a brief three-game home stand before going back out on the road for a week; the team announced they had traded reliever Jon Rauch to the Minnesota Twins for the ever popular “player to be named later”.

This trade comes just two days after Rauch entered the game against the San Francisco Giants and gave up a three-run home run to lose that game.  This has been a trying year for Rauch.  He began the season as the primary set-up man for closer Chad Qualls but after a series of miscues found himself demoted to mop-up duties.

Shortly after the managerial change Rauch petitioned new skipper AJ Hinch for a change in role to once again take on more responsibility in the late innings.  Working closely with pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre Jr., Rauch made some adjustments to his mechanics and became one of the most consistent members of the bullpen.

His consistency up until this week led many to believe that Rauch would be brought back next season to help solidify what was becoming a stronger bullpen.  Obviously General Manager Josh Byrnes received an offer that he perceived would ultimately make this ball club a better team.

It is hard to question this move since we do not know who the Diamondbacks will receive in exchange.  This transaction may be one where two minor pieces change hands or it could end up landing the Diamondbacks that missing piece that will help them return to contending in 2010 and beyond.

As for now we’ll have to patiently wait until the season ends to find out what the Diamondbacks will get in return for the tallest player in Major League Baseball.  It could be a giant trade or it could just be the trade of a giant pain in the neck.

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