Geeks Invade Diary of a Diehard

Let me start by saying up front; this is one of the few times when an entry at Diary of a Diehard is not baseball related. When the Arizona Diamondbacks 2009 season schedule was released I could see that there was going to be trouble. During the month of April the Diamondbacks had an unprecedented 18 home games compared to only four road games. What this meant was that at some point during the season the Diamondbacks would not be in town for a while.

August happened to be that month with the Diamondbacks having just nine home games all month. This of course has been a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it has meant I am home a lot this month. Again, this has been a blessing and a curse. My wife has attempted to help me through this difficult time by handing me her “honey do” list. Again, this has been a blessing and a curse. Rather than having to endure yet another day of yard work, house work, or really any kind of work; I decided to instead focus on the computer.

I have been posting now for nearly a decade. The site began as a series of hand coded web pages that allowed me to put down a few thoughts that I had. The number of posts was minimal due to the fact that it was such a pain to add new pages every time I wanted to write.

As the “blog craze” began in earnest I knew I needed to change the format for Diary of a Diehard allowing me to be a little more productive. I reviewed several software platforms before finally settling on Movable Type.

I knew very little about the languages Movable Type was written in but I was convinced that it was the correct platform. Over a couple of weekends during an off-season I created my first Movable Type blog.

I imported all of the coded entries I had from the original web site. I felt as though I had finally gotten the technology in line to allow me to write with more frequency and focus on the message rather than the delivery.

As Movable Type and I grew together we had sort of a love hate relationship. I loved being productive and my Movable Type system hated me for it. There were several struggles and I had to restore from back-up on more than one occasion and I lost a few entries along the way but I remained loyal to this platform.

The number of features and the reliability has been better as of late but I still find myself struggling more than I think I should be. The template platform that Movable Type has created is great but I have customized so many things through the years that I cannot refresh the templates to take advantage of new features without causing myself massive amounts of rework.

Recently I decided that perhaps it was time for me to finally consider moving to a new platform. This decision is sort of like trying to decide when the right time would be to release an old veteran and allow some of the younger players to play more. On one hand you appreciate all of the hard work that the veteran has done and you know you would never have been successful had it not been for their dedication and service.

On the other hand you know that you need to get younger and build towards future success. It’s a hard decision but one that you know has to be made. Granted there will be backlash as you go a new direction. Fans of the old veteran will continually complain and wish for the old glory days.

In my case this meant moving away from Movable Type towards something new. I chose WordPress. The reasons for my choice are numerous and I won’t bore you with the details. After several weeks of working with the new system on the test servers I believe that I am finally ready to move to the new system.

What this will mean to you is that there could be short outages as I move content and software from one system to another. It might also mean some of the old posts may not be located in the same directory structure meaning your bookmarks to old posts may not work.

The content is all being migrated so nothing should be lost, it just might not be in the same place. Another aspect that could impact you, the user, is the RSS feeds. There will still be feeds but they may not be at the same URL as you are used to.

The migration will be taking place tonight (August 20). I’d love to give you an exact time but there are a lot of things that need to happen before the move so I am not sure exactly when; just some time tonight.

I have retained a lot of the same look and feel between Movable Type and WordPress so it won’t look a lot different on the surface. After the migration I will continue to monitor the system. Hopefully things will go smoothly and we’ll be back up without too much pain. Think of this as our own little rebuilding project to prepare us to reach the blog post season; whatever that is.

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