Looking Forward to Fall

Regardless of how the rest of the Arizona Diamondbacks season goes, I can at least be content with the knowledge that there will be October baseball in Arizona.  Oh sure I would love to be able to say that October baseball meant the Diamondbacks had made the playoffs but that is just not going to happen this season.  That doesn’t mean that baseball will end with the final pitch on October 4 in Chicago.

The Arizona Fall League begins play on October 13 and runs through November 19.  For those of you who have not had the opportunity to watch an AFL game I highly recommend it.  The fall league is made up of some of the games most promising players most of whom played Double-A or Triple-A ball this season.

Each MLB franchise sends six of their top prospects to the league to showcase their talent and evaluate how they produce against other top talent.  The Arizona Diamondbacks have announced four prospects that will be playing for the Scottsdale Scorpions.

First-base prospect Brandon Allen will lead the Diamondbacks recruits joined by infielder Pedro Ciriaco and pitcher Bryan Augenstine and Cesar Valdez and outfielder Collin Cowgill.  Arizona has two open pitcher spots they have yet to fill.

The Arizona Fall League games are typically afternoon affairs and are usually sparsely attended meaning fans have an opportunity to get great seats close to the action and see some of the future superstars at the game.

So while other parts of the country prepare for the onslaught of winter, plan to make a trip to the valley of the sun and catch some afternoon baseball.  Who knows, you may just be watching the next great player to make an impact on the game.

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