Messing With My Mind

Today is one of those days that I absolutely dread; an off-day during a home stand. They only happen about five times a year which is a very good thing. I am not against the Diamondbacks having a day off; I think everyone deserves a few days off but when they happen during a home stand it just messes me up.

Yesterday the Diamondbacks concluded a three game series with the New York Mets with a getaway afternoon game. There is nothing better than an afternoon of baseball. After so many years; my mind and my body equate those mid-week afternoon games as the end of a home stand.

Instead Major League Baseball is messing with my biological clock by following this game with no Diamondbacks baseball which in turn is followed by a three-game series at Chase Field with the Los Angeles Dodgers. This scheduling anomaly has thrown my brain a knuckleball and I am swinging wildly trying to make contact with it.

First I have to deal with the idea of being home on a Thursday night during baseball season. That’s not normal and I have no clue what to do. I made the mistake of explaining my predicament to my wife and she immediately pulled out the “honey-do” list that she began before Spring Training started. Now I find that instead of baseball I have a night filled with cleaning out sink traps, spraying weeds, and replacing faulty light switches. How did that happen?

Second I have to get back in game mode starting tomorrow. My brain is still expecting to see an away game on Fox Sports Arizona and instead I need to pack the bags and go down to Chase Field. I have to remind myself there is a home game and I am not just going down to stare through the gates and cry like I normally do during an away series.

I swear, Commissioner Bud Selig does this just to mess with my head. First it was the wild card then it was interleague play and now it’s this. That guy is just plain mean.

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  1. It’s okay, we had Cardinal footbal to watch today!

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