Oh How I Love Technology

The Arizona Diamondbacks have an off day today before starting a three-game series against the San Francisco Giants.  This means that there is no Diamondbacks baseball on television or at Chase Field.  This is one of those days that occur maybe 20 times a season that drive me absolutely insane.

I find myself pacing back and forth flipping through channels of my DirecTV desperately seeking a game, any game.  As hard as it is to believe, I don’t have the MLB Extra Innings package which shows out of market games on television.

It is one of those compromises that occurs in every marriage.  My wife allows me to watch every Arizona Diamondbacks game whether they are home and away and I agree not to watch every game played for every other team during the season.

Most nights it is a good trade-off as I am content with watching all 162 games on the Diamondbacks schedule (well technically it is around 157 games since there are a few that are not broadcast when the team is away).  There are nights like tonight though which make me reconsider the deal I brokered.

What makes matters worse is that tonight is back-to-school night for my daughter so not only am I forced to live without Diamondbacks baseball but I also have to go to the school and listen to teachers drone on about non-baseball related information.

I know back-to-school night is probably really important and I should be involved with my kid’s education but it’s baseball season.  I mean I am all for back-to-school night during football season or even basketball season since those don’t really matter; but I digress.

As I sat in the back of the classroom haphazardly listening to the English teacher as she talks about the value of proper sentence structure and composition; I brought out my iPhone and began playing with it.

I had to be rather discrete since the last thing I wanted was to get a ruler upside the head or have the teacher confiscate my iPhone.  I lowered the screen below desk level and began playing with the screen seeing if perhaps I could at least get an updated score of the San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies.

I opened the MLB At Bat 2009 application and started flipping through the scores.  At first I was a little put out at having to pay $10 for the application but I’ve sense gotten over the exorbitant price and find the application fairly useful.

After checking the score of the Giants game, I noticed that the Cleveland – Kansas City game was featured as the free game of the day. I clicked on the .TV button and suddenly my iPhone screen came to life with the Royals tying the game in the bottom of the fifth inning.

For the remainder of back-to-school night I was the most popular kid in class.  All the other fathers would stop by my desk and watch a batter or two.  If only I had this device and this technology when I was in high school; I could have been Student Body President.

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