Shave and a Hair Cut – No Way

As I was watching the Arizona Diamondbacks play the New York Mets at Citi Field in Flushing, I happened to notice that several of the Mets players were looking a little scruffy. At first I didn’t think much of it since it is sometimes hard to tell normal scruffy as opposed to unusual scruffy. Still it did make me curious why so many of the Mets were boycotting shaving.

After a little bit of detective work I learned that some of the Mets players have promised not to shave until the team returned to .500. I’ve been on teams like this that tried to get out of a funk by trying something new. These kinds of acts are usually a sign of desperation. There are times though when it is just this kind of challenge that will motivate the players and bring the team closer together.

Considering the type of season the Diamondbacks are having; perhaps they should take a similar stance. Perhaps a full beard is just what Chris Young needs to stop hitting the bottom of the baseball and popping up at every at-bat. Similarly maybe facial hair is what is standing between Mark Reynolds and a Gold Glove.

In South Bend last year there was a similar challenge where the team all decided to grow mustaches. The result was that Clay Zavada grew that outstanding specimen that he still has after his promotion to the major leagues.

My only concern is that this team is so young perhaps they cannot grow facial hair. In that case my suggestion is they stop shaving and let their hair grow. Who knows, by the end of the season the Diamondbacks could find themselves erasing a 13 game deficit returning to .500. If not, they could hold a post game concert after the final game of the season. I’ve always wanted to see ZZ Top in concert.

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