And the Heavens Opened Up

Last night’s game at Chase Field was Christian night at the ballpark. Many of the local Christian churches around the state were welcomed to the stadium. The welcoming screen on dbTV read like a who’s who of religious groups. It’s always good when the Diamondbacks offer these special nights. The crowds are generally larger and it brings fans into the stadium that my not have otherwise attended the game.

It wasn’t just the welcoming on dbTV that gave this game’s theme away. There was also the church choir who sang the national anthem to a resounding amount of applause that signified that this was indeed a special night.

Perhaps the most telling sign though happened during warm-ups when the public address speakers began playing a piece of music I had not heard since the middle of May. Within the first couple of bars I knew what that music meant and I gazed towards the heavens looking for a sign.

Amidst the Heavenly tones of the music a shaft of light appeared from above piercing the darkness of Chase Field. A tear of joy rolled down my cheek at the sight I saw unfolding behold my eyes.

I had nearly lost faith until that moment when the Heavens opened up. I could feel the warmth of the light as it shone down from the sky. I had heard of miracles such as this but I didn’t actually know someone who had first hand knowledge. Here I was though experiencing it in the flesh.

The roof to Chase Field was parting like the Red Sea and with it brought the knowledge that summer was finally over. We were going to play baseball under the stars on a crystal clear Arizona evening.

Gone was the scorching heat of an Arizona summer, which were at times so hot that even the Devil himself left town for the high country. Replacing it is the coolness of the night with a slight breeze blowing from right to left.

The miracles did not cease at that moment; they continued throughout the evening. When the Colorado Rockies went up 4-1 in the game it looked as though it would be a long night for the boys in white and Sedona Red. The people in the stands held the faith though and soon the Diamondbacks recovered and took the lead late in the game

As the last out was recorded and the Diamondbacks met at the pitcher’s mound to celebrate their victory, someone in the stands behind us held up a sign that was captured on dbTV. It stated simply, “Jesus loves the Diamondbacks”. I turned to my daughter and commented, “you know that’s true, Jesus loves the Diamondbacks so much he even works for them. He was the guy that parked our car at the parking garage. I saw his name tag.”

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