Augie, Augie, Augie, Oi, Oi, Oi

When the Arizona Diamondbacks announced their promotional schedule, I was very intrigued by the final bobble head game scheduled for September 26 against the San Diego Padres. The description for that stadium giveaway was “Fan Vote Bobble Head”. As the season began more details were given as to what this really meant.

The fans were invited to go to the Arizona Diamondbacks web site and vote for one of five choices that they would like to see rendered as a bobble head. I chronicled our family’s vote as we registered and cast our votes for who we wanted to see as the final bobble head. At least one-fifth of our family was extremely excited when Augie Ojeda was chosen as the winner.

Like everything in Augie’s career, nothing was easy when it came to this stadium giveaway. The promotional schedule changed in July when the Arizona Diamondbacks traded Tony Pena and his bobble head night to the Chicago White Sox for Brandon Allen and a bobble head to be named later.

This trade sent the promotions staff into a frenzy as they tried to figure out what they would do. It was finally decided that Augie’s bobble head would be moved up in the schedule to take the place of the Tony Pena bobble head night and there would be a second fan favorite bobble head produced from the second place winner in the fan vote.

Third baseman Mark Reynolds was chosen to be the final bobble head of the season and have his bobble head night take the old place of the Augie Ojeda bobble head on the schedule which would be September 26.

As if all of this rearranging was not enough to confuse the fans and the game day staff; an additional wrinkle was introduced. Typhoon Moracot disrupted production of the Augie bobble head. The Augie Ojeda bobble head was missing in action and there was no telling where he was at.

The Diamondbacks used this to their advantage announcing the Where in the World is Augie’s Bobble Head contest. It has been fun seeing the various places where people thought Augie’s bobble head had disappeared to.

So on the day of his bobble head night, Augie Ojeda fans received a paper voucher that would be good for redemption for an actual bobble head once they finally arrived. As a family we wondered when we might see little bobbing Augie?

Our questions were answered when the Diamondbacks announced that the Augie Ojeda bobble heads would be delivered to Chase Field on Friday September 25. Fans holding vouchers could stop by the plaza beyond left field below the picnic pavilion to redeem their vouchers.

It seems funny that the Augie Ojeda bobble head would arrive just one day before the date of his original bobble head. Before the game we eagerly ran over to the plaza and presented our six coupons so that each member of the family would have their own personal Augie Ojeda bobble head.

The bobble head looked to be in great shape especially given the fact that he had survived a typhoon and a long boat ride before finally arriving at Chase Field. I’m not positive but I think this may be the first bobble head the Diamondbacks have given that is the actual size of the player.

For those who are unable to attend the last three games of the season, you can still pick up your Augie Ojeda bobble head by bringing your voucher into the team shop at Chase Field during regular business hours.

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