How Are We Doing Now?

In a season that has been filled with disappointment and frustration, the Arizona Diamondbacks scored a moral victory with their win against the San Diego Padres on Tuesday. That win gave them 64 wins for the season and that means they can’t possibly end up as bad as the 1998 Diamondbacks.

Oh sure that might seem like a hollow victory but this season the fans will take whatever they can get. So when that final out was recorded on Tuesday I tossed the television remote control in the air and began dancing around the family room chanting, “We’re number three! We’re number three!”

My family mistakenly thought I meant that the Diamondbacks had taken over third place in the National League Western Division. dbacks_w-l2No, we can’t even see third place from where we are standing. No my excitement was from the knowledge that even if the Diamondbacks failed to show up for the remainder of the season and lost every game, we could do no worse than be the third worst record in franchise history.

It was with a sigh of relief that I explained that it was mathematically impossible for the Diamondbacks to suck any worse than the abysmal 2004 season where they lost 111 games and the inaugural season when they lost 99 games. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Oh sure there will be some that will complain that the Diamondbacks have nearly guaranteed they will have a losing season for only the fifth time in franchise history. There will also be those who will remind us that we are in last place in the NL West standings but I would rather try to find the positive in this situation.

On one hand we are almost a lock for a high draft pick in the first round next year so that has to count for something. And on the other hand the 2010 season can only help but be better than this year so there’s always hope that we have endured the worst that the baseball Gods have to throw at us. Besides, it’s not like we have a goat curse or anything.

So while I will be forced to endure another nine games at home against teams that have a better record than the Diamondbacks I can triumphantly hold up three fingers and be content in the knowledge that as bad as this season has been, it could be worse. We at least beat the 1998 and the 2004 Diamondbacks and if this season has shown me anything it is that there is no team in baseball better than beating themselves.

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