It’s Fandamonium!

Fandemonium has been a tradition at Chase Field ever since the Diamondbacks inaugural season. The final weekend home games at Chase Field are designated as Fandemonium. During these games the Arizona Diamondbacks pay tribute to their fans by giving away prizes throughout the game.

Between innings they also have video tributes displayed on dbTV that show highlights of the season and give the players, coaches, and baseball staff an opportunity to say thank-you to their loyal fans.

It is always a bittersweet experience for me. On the one hand I appreciate the Arizona Diamondbacks paying back to the fans who stuck with them throughout the season. On the other hand it marks the final two games of the season which means there will be nearly six whole months where we won’t have Diamondbacks baseball at Chase Field.

The prize drawings are done by seat location. Some of the prizes being given away during Fandemonium include a big screen television, golf memberships, a 2010 Camaro, and the ultimate prize – a sport bike autographed by the entire Arizona Diamondbacks team.

I am not sure why I get so excited about this. After all I have been coming to these for 12 years now and I have yet to win any prize. I think part of it is that the final games of the season usually are the best draws of the year meaning that the attendance spikes at the very end of the season.

This year was no different. Saturday’s game was the second largest crowd of the year for Chase Field. It was good to see a packed house again. It reminded me of the meaningful games in 2007 when the Diamondbacks were on the verge of winning the National League Western Division. It helped to remind me that for better or for worse the average fan in Phoenix was a fan for as long as the team was winning.

That is not to say that all Diamondbacks fans are fair-weather fans. There are a group of very loyal and very dedicated Diamondbacks fans who attend every game. It is just that the number of these fans is still fairly small. I keep hoping that each year we will see more and more of these dedicated and diehard fans.

The Diamondbacks fed off the energized crowd and came from behind to beat the San Diego Padres on a grand slam by Chad Tracy. Tracy has seen his playing time reduced as of late so it was great to see him have some success in what might be his final home game as an Arizona Diamondback.

As for me, my streak was finally broken. I won a Fruitista drink from Taco Bell as part of Fandemonium. I don’t want to hear that they give Fruitista drinks to whole sections during the season when that character wins the food fight at Saturday games. Let me bask in the glory of being a Fandemonium winner if only for just a few minutes before you burst my delusion of grandeur.

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