The New Schedule Is Here!

It used to be that I would spend days dredging through the bowels of the Internet during the off-season trying to piece together what the season schedule would look like for the upcoming year. Major League Baseball never wanted to announce their schedule until after the first of the year making it a mad scramble to come up with details to post to sites such as Now Hitting.

Beginning last season Major League Baseball decided to announce the following year’s schedule before the season ended. This was very welcomed news for those who run fan sites. It gave us ample time to create content and provide information on the next season.

The 2009 Diamondbacks season has been one filled with frustration and disappointment. The team has been out of contention for quite some time. Even before the All-Star break fans and the team for that matter were already looking forward to next season. So when Major League Baseball announced the 2010 schedule this week it allowed fans to begin in earnest to look to the future.

The 2010 schedule was especially important to me, even more so than in years past. My daughter recently became engaged and announced that she would like to be married in April. My heart nearly stopped. I thought I had raised my kids properly but now I find out that my daughter is going against my wishes with this marriage.

How could she do this to me? I have given her everything I could possibly give yet she rewards me with this? Oh it’s not the boy she is marrying; I am totally cool with him other than the fact that he had never been to a Major League Baseball game before (an issue we quickly resolved as soon as he came to visit). No I was more upset at the timing of this.

From the time the kids were very young they have been around the ballpark and they are well aware that baseball season begins in April and ends hopefully in October. It has long been a rule in our household that no one is to get married during the season if they want dad at the wedding. Now though I might have a problem.

When I received a copy of the schedule I quickly rushed to April to see whether I would be able to attend my daughter’s wedding. The team opens up the season at home next year with Opening Day officially being on April 5 against the San Diego Padres. I looked at the date my daughter had chosen and breathed a sigh of relief to note that the team would be on their first road trip to Los Angeles and then San Diego. Now I just need to somehow get a TV into the reception hall with Fox Sports AZ to be able to watch the game.

I perused the remaining games on the 2010 schedule to identify highlights that fans should be looking forward to. Some of my immediate observations were that the schedule appears to be more evenly balanced next year. The Diamondbacks have 12 home games and 11 road games in April.

Interleague play for the Diamondbacks will be the American League East. The Diamondbacks will host the Toronto Blue Jays on May 21-23 for a weekend series and the New York Yankees will visit Chase Field June 21-23. Tickets are already being highly sought after and the Diamondbacks have announced that there will be a lottery for those three games.

Interleague road games for the Diamondbacks include a trip to Boston on June 15-17 and Detroit June 18-20. The final Interleague series will see the Diamondbacks play the Rays in Tampa Bay June 25-27.

Other interesting tidbits on the schedule: the St. Louis Cardinals visit Chase Field twice next season with the first meeting April 19-21 and then again June 11-13. The final home game for 2010 will be against the Los Angeles Dodgers on September 26. The team will end the season on October 3 in Los Angeles.

It looks to be a great season in 2010. Hopefully the Diamondbacks will be competitive and those games in late September and October will be meaningful for a play-off push. And if nothing else I can say that I didn’t miss my daughter’s wedding for a ballgame. That should make the family happy and I won’t get the lecture on how my priorities are messed up.

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