Today is Definitely a Labor Day

If there were ever a holiday that summed up the season the Arizona Diamondbacks have endured; it would have to be Labor Day. This team has battled and struggled for five months trying to find a way to win a ball game. Each night they seem as though they are looking for a new way to lose rather than win.

This season gives Diamondbacks fans a glimpse into the life of a Chicago Cubs fan. I am not yet ready to throw in the towel and begin referring to the Diamondbacks as “lovable losers” but a few more seasons like this one is going to make me start looking for possible curses and try to find radical solutions to try to reverse the team’s outcome.

It really doesn’t help that the Diamondbacks schedule has them playing playoff teams consistently during the last month of the season. With the exception of the San Diego Padres the Diamondbacks will face teams with at least a glimmer of hope of making the post season. That’s not necessarily a good thing for a young team trying to understand what pieces they have to build on in the future.

The Los Angeles Dodgers simply dismantled the Diamondbacks in today’s game. The highlights of the game were an ejection of Manny Ramirez for arguing balls and strikes and Russell Martin getting hit with a Max Scherzer fastball; that’s probably a good sign that the game is not going well for you.

After the game I was somewhat depressed. My son suggested we go to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Chick-Fil-A was offering free classic chicken sandwiches for anyone wearing team logo apparel. Considering that is all the clothing I have, it seemed natural to at least get something for showing team loyalty.

We stopped at home and picked up the rest of the family and headed to Chick-Fil-A. I am not sure what I was expecting when we arrived at the restaurant. Maybe I thought that it would be a normal night at Chick-Fil-A or that my son was the only person who knew about this promotion.

I was of course wrong on all accounts. The line to order food came out of the door and wrapped around the building. I was clearly not in the mood for a line like this but since I had already promised chicken sandwiches I was kind of stuck.

We got out of the car and into line. I will give Chick-Fil-A credit, the line continually was moving albeit slowly it was moving. Standing in line I had an opportunity to reflect on the day and the baseball season. It was sort of my own “serenity now” moment.

With a new calm attitude I started looking around assessing how much longer we would be in line and dealing with children who continually reminded me of how hungry they were. As I started to observe the people both in and out of the restaurant I began to notice what they were wearing.

The Chick-Fil-A free chicken sandwich was to commemorate the beginning of football season (both college and pro). All of their advertising was focused on the diehard football fan. What I found almost comical was the fact that at least at this location the majority of the customers were wearing baseball logo apparel and of those the clear choice was the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It was good to see that despite the type of season that the Diamondbacks were having they still have a very loyal fan base that are attending the games. I say attending the games because quite a few of the people were wearing shirts or hats that were stadium giveaways. That was great to see. Hopefully these fans will continue to support the team and be rewarded not just with a free chicken sandwich but also with a team who challenges not just for the National League Western title but with a World Series berth.

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