Each year as Halloween approaches we get out the box of decorations to make the house seem more festive. The kids look forward to this as it means Halloween is approaching and soon they will have baskets full of candy that they will hoard and ration until nearly Christmas.

While we are hanging ghosts, cobwebs, and fake spiders conversation naturally turns to past years and the memories they have of dressing up and going trick-or-treating. After a few stories the conversations always gravitate to their most memorable Halloween.

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Still Dreaming

It has now been two days since my Select-A-Seat experience. It still feels like a dream. I keep going to my desk and retrieving the card the Diamondbacks gave me with my new seat location.

After looking at the card I’ll pull up the map of Chase Field and recount my steps of how I will get to the seats for each game of the 2010 season. My family has long since begun tuning me out ignoring me reviewing each step and how I was able to score the number one choice on my seat relocation form.

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When the Chicago Cubs signed outfielder Milton Bradley before the 2009 season I found myself scratching my head wondering what exactly the boys on the northside of Chicago were thinking. While Bradley is a decent outfielder with plenty of pop in his bat he brings enough baggage to outfit the whole team in new luggage.

Bradley is one of those players who has a tremendous amount of talent but is such a head case that every team he has played for has welcomed the opportunity to cut him loose. Diamondbacks fans have seen Bradley up-close during his stints with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres.

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As the alarm clock went off I rolled over noting that the time had changed exactly one minute since the last time that I looked at it and two minutes since I looked at it the time before last. In reality I hadn’t slept more than 20 minutes in the last three nights.

Ever since the nightmare where I dreamt I had missed my appointment for Select-A-Seat, I have found sleep the farthest thing from my mind. I wasn’t exactly sure how I would survive until two o’clock today when I had my appointment to choose my seat for the 2010 Diamondbacks season. For some reason, the opening lines of Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities seemed quite appropriate.

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When the fans and media talk about the Arizona Diamondbacks 2009 season they typically point to the loss of Brandon Webb on Opening Day as the key reason why the team went from being a contender to a pretender.

While losing your staff ace is never a recipe for success, losing a single player should not result in a team completely collapsing like the Diamondbacks did this season. Looking back it was a combination of events that led to the downfall.

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Pumpkin Carving

Recently the Arizona Diamondbacks announced yet another contest on their web site. With Halloween soon approaching, the team is holding a pumpkin carving contest. Fans are being asked to create a D-Backs themed pumpkin.

Once carved simply take a photo of your Diamondbacks pumpkin and send it to the team. The deadline of the contest is a minute before midnight this Wednesday October 28, 2009. The winning entry will be featured on the Diamondbacks web site and the winning sculptor will receive an autographed Brandon Webb jersey.

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The Table Is Set

The Major League Baseball play-offs seem like they have lasted forever this year. I’m sure a lot of that is a result of the Diamondbacks being out of the post season picture since May. It also doesn’t help when the Red Sox and the Yankees were both in meaning we have to listen to their self-righteous fans belittle all the other fans in baseball as backwards hicks.

Finally the American League Championship Series ended with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim imploding much like they did this whole series to give the New York Yankees their 40th pennant in franchise history.

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