Still Dreaming

It has now been two days since my Select-A-Seat experience. It still feels like a dream. I keep going to my desk and retrieving the card the Diamondbacks gave me with my new seat location.

After looking at the card I’ll pull up the map of Chase Field and recount my steps of how I will get to the seats for each game of the 2010 season. My family has long since begun tuning me out ignoring me reviewing each step and how I was able to score the number one choice on my seat relocation form.

With only 156 days, 2 hours and 16 minutes until Opening Day I am starting to prepare. I’ve begun to create a checklist of things I need to do before April 5. I look over the paper verifying each item I have listed.

Get season tickets, check. Get bag of salted peanuts, check. Put bottle of water in freezer to take to game, check. Make sure my Diamondbacks jersey has been washed, check. Get gas in car, check. Put money in wallet for parking and for Hungry Hill Italian sausage with grilled onions and sauerkraut, check.

Looking over the list, everything is done. I am ready to head down to Chase Field. There is just one problem; I’ve only used up six minutes meaning I still have 156 days, 2 hours and 10 minutes before first pitch. Even if I account for the gates to Chase Field being open two hours before first pitch I still have 156 days and 10 minutes to go.

I can tell you right now this is going to be the longest winter ever recorded. What is even worse is that in two days most of the country is going to set their clocks back an hour meaning I am actually losing time instead of gaining it. Why or why is the universe mocking me so?

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