The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

It has now been 24 days since I completed my Seat Relocation forms to the Arizona Diamondbacks. It has been 12 days since I received an email from the team notifying me of my “Select-A-Seat” appointment time. It is four days, one hour, and ten minutes until my appointment.

My living room carpet is beginning to look a lot like the path between home plate and the pitcher’s mound at Chase Field. I find myself continually going from my computer across the room to the calendar to the telephone to the mailbox. I’m not exactly sure why, I am pretty confident that I am not going to hear from the Diamondbacks again until my appointment but I just need to make sure.

The telephone company is getting pretty tired of hearing from me. I probably call them four or five times a day just to make sure that my telephone is working. Likewise I have about worn out the “check for new messages” button on my mail program.

My kids of course think this is hilarious. (Note to self: reduce kids’ weekly allowance for mocking their father). I overheard my son tell my daughter, “dad reminds me of Doc Brown from Back to the Future when he was waiting for Marty McFly at the clock tower”. (Note to self 2: Find embarrassing photos of son and post to Facebook.)

I’ve now begun calculating scenarios as to what I will do at the Select-A-Seat event. I have hundreds of pieces of paper with seat routes and what I will do if this row/seat combination is open or what I will do if someone approaches my desired location with a lower priority number. (Note to self 3: Check to see if the Diamondbacks allow air horns and Super Soaker squirt guns at the Select-A-Seat event.)

I’m still trying to decide how many fans will be relocating or will not renew their season tickets. Based on conversations I have had, it sounds as though the Diamondbacks are getting approximately 65 percent season ticket renewals.

This number is somewhat surprising given the poor season the Diamondbacks had in 2009 and the sluggish Arizona economy. I attribute many of these renewals to people who want to make sure they are in the system for the 2011 All-Star game which will be played at Chase Field.

Full Season Ticket holders are guaranteed an opportunity to purchase All-Star ticket packages in 2011. Partial season ticket holders will be allowed to purchase All-Star ticket packages before the general public.

My question is how many of these 65 percent are looking to relocate and more importantly how many of them are sitting in the section and row where I would like to relocate. My luck all of them are sitting on the Diamondbacks side of the field and in the exact location where I was hoping to sit next season.

Seat Relocation puts me in a very uncomfortable position similar to how I feel during Fantasy Baseball season. At times I find myself in a situation where I am rooting against the Diamondbacks which drives me crazy.

For the past month of the 2009 season there were times that I was ok with the team losing since I figured with each loss there may be one more season ticket holder who would decide not to renew or locate to cheaper seats. For each person that does that, my odds of moving rise.

Once Select-A-Seat is completed I’ll live with the seat location I’ve picked and want the team to do the best possible. That just seems so wrong.

For the next four days I’ll continue tying my stomach in knots wondering whether any of the seat locations I have chosen will be available during my Select-A-Seat appointment time. I know this shouldn’t be so stressful but we’re talking about Diamondbacks seats.

I’ll be spending 83 days in these seats next season, more if the Diamondbacks somehow make it to the playoffs. From April through September I will spend more time in these seats than I will at my house and as they say in real estate the three most important things to consider are location, location, location.



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