I seem to be doing my best Mark Reynolds impression when it comes to Christmas decorating I am striking out with every at-bat. After the Christmas tree debacle, I thought perhaps I should help with the other decorations.

When we were first married Trina decided we needed a nativity scene among our Christmas decorations to remind us of the true meaning of the holiday. Somehow she ignored my suggestion that we just get a Santa Claus with a baby Jesus in his bag.

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Tis the Season

“Mom’s Ticked! She saw what you did.” Unfortunately that is a text message that I receive quite regularly from one of my kids. I’d love to say that I had no idea what this was referring to but this time I actually did.

Now that Thanksgiving is over it is time to retrieve the Christmas decorations from the boxes in the garage and transform on normally Sedona Red home into a winter wonderland. Over the years we seem to have accumulated just about every holiday decoration that has ever been made.

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Pictures of You

My first attempt as an engagement photographer didn’t really work out too well. I was therefore somewhat surprised when my daughter approached me with another chance. I of course had to agree that I would not take her back to the vacant lot for pictures.

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I look at the day after Thanksgiving with equal parts of dread and fear. For some strange reason I somehow found myself agreeing to accompany my wife on a shopping trip for Christmas gifts.

This is so unlike me. Normally I am able to somehow sidestep this entire tradition and stay nestled in bed dreaming of baseball seasons that never end. Instead the alarm goes off at 3:00 AM and I roll out of bed onto the cold floor questioning my sanity.

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Giving Thanks

One of the great things about Thanksgiving is it gives everyone an opportunity to step back and survey their life and express their gratitude for all the things they have been given. For me it is a time for reflection.

During the endless of preparations for an overindulgent feast I have plenty of time to think. After all, what else is there to do while you are peeling mountains of potatoes while waiting for the little plastic plunger on the turkey to pop up signifying dinner time?

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Checking Progress

For days after the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies ground breaking ceremony, it was all I could talk about. It didn’t take long before Trina and the kids began to tune me out just so they didn’t have to hear for the millionth time how cool the groundbreaking was.

It has now been nine whole days since I was at the Spring Training facility and I am just dying to know what is going on up there. Trina has so far stood her ground saying that I could not go up each day and check the progress.

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There was very little surprise when Major League Baseball announced the 2009 Most Valuable Player award. It had long ago been a foregone conclusion St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols would win the award.

It is hard to argue that Pujols did not deserve the award. His offensive numbers were staggering compared to every other candidate in the National League. At the present time there are very few if any players who could be classified as serious competition for the best player in the National League.

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