Checking Progress

For days after the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies ground breaking ceremony, it was all I could talk about. It didn’t take long before Trina and the kids began to tune me out just so they didn’t have to hear for the millionth time how cool the groundbreaking was.

It has now been nine whole days since I was at the Spring Training facility and I am just dying to know what is going on up there. Trina has so far stood her ground saying that I could not go up each day and check the progress.

This afternoon my daughter and her fiancé asked if I would take them out and take a few photographs for their engagement announcement. I eagerly agreed. First it got me out of going to the grocery store for Thanksgiving shopping and second I had the perfect spot picked out for her engagement pictures.

We jumped in the car and proceeded north. Along the way I explained that I had scouted a beautiful location for their pictures that would make them the envy of every other engaged couple in the world.

When we arrived I stopped the car and got out carrying my camera equipment and began setting up. After setting the camera settings and adding the perfect filter and lens combination I looked up to find my daughter and her boyfriend still sitting in the car.

Confused, I went back to find out what was the hold up. When I got to the car my daughter said, “Dad, I am not having my engagement pictures taken in a vacant lot.”

A vacant lot? How could she say this was just a vacant lot? Couldn’t she see the potential? Within 15 months this was going to be the greatest Spring Training facility in the world. It would have a state-of-the-art stadium surrounded by beautiful practice fields and a walkway meandering through the complex.

Ok, I will admit it is a little sparse at the present time but trust me, it will be beautiful. Still she didn’t budge and in the end I took a couple of pictures for myself and grudgingly got back in the car.

Sometimes I just don’t get children. The next thing you know she is going to veto having her reception at Chase Field and not allow me to wear my Diamondbacks hat.



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