Pictures of You

My first attempt as an engagement photographer didn’t really work out too well. I was therefore somewhat surprised when my daughter approached me with another chance. I of course had to agree that I would not take her back to the vacant lot for pictures.

This time she was setting the location. We were to go downtown to Phoenix and shoot pictures at the Orpheum Theater. It is a great backdrop and offered a lot of opportunities for capturing the style she was looking for.

I was initially depressed at the thoughts that she didn’t want to use the photos from the Diamondbacks Spring Training facility but at least I was able to sneak in a visit to see what progress had been made.

The Orpheum was a nice location. The architecture and the area have many different places to capture pictures of a young couple in love. Besides going downtown meant a quick side trip to Chase Field and I can never turn that down.

After taking all the pictures that she wanted, I happened to suggest that Chase Field would make the perfect backdrop for an engagement picture. Suddenly my daughter was channeling her mother as she began to chastise me for thinking that everything revolved around baseball.

Like it is my fault that God made baseball the center of the universe. Clearly she was not thinking logically. I mean who would not want their picture taken sitting on top of a concrete baseball or leaning against a baseball bat?

No matter how much I tried though she would not agree. I am suddenly feeling like the 2009 Diamondbacks. For the second day in this series I have been shut out and it doesn’t feel good at all.

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