Even Santa is a Diamondbacks Fan

Today is Christmas Eve. Everywhere on the planet there are children watching the clock willing it to move faster so that Santa Claus will visit their house and bestow his holiday generosity under the Christmas tree.

Our house is no exception. Although our kids are now older it does not diminish the excitement they feel about Christmas. Some of that might be because I have never really grown up. I still write a letter to Santa every year and eagerly watch the mailbox to see if he might reply.

Although I never get a letter from the jolly old elf I know that he reads my letters because I always seem to find at least one gift under the tree that is from my Christmas wish list. I’ve heard tales of people who do not receive any gifts from Santa so I am confident that at least for a while I am still on the “nice” list.

This holiday season while I was searching for a Diamondbacks parka I happened to go to the mall (an adventure all in of itself). There in the center court was the holiday display of trees, trains, and assorted decorations. There in the middle of all this was a large chair and sitting there was none other than Santa himself.

I briefly considered standing in line and sitting on his lap to talk to him about possibly replacing my Christmas letter with an email to save postage and reduce the carbon footprint of Christmas by eliminating the usage of energy to deliver the mail.

After looking at the length of the line and realizing I would be the only person older than seven in line I decided sitting on Santa’s lap might not be the best idea I have ever had.

I started walking away when I stopped dead in my tracks. I turned and looked back at Santa who was intently listening to a young girl expressing her holiday desires.

I have seen Santa at the various malls and stores this season but there was something different this time. I walked closer to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me. Was it my imagination or was Santa’s suit Sedona Red?

With all of the kids standing in line around Santa it was impossible to get close enough to see. At least it was impossible from the front. So I wandered behind the holiday display and crept silently towards St. Nick.

When I got to within arm’s length of Santa, I reached up and took off my Diamondbacks hat and moved it close to Santa’s coat. Sure enough, it was a match. No wonder I am on the nice list, Santa is obviously a Diamondbacks fan.

Christmas suddenly became a lot more meaningful. Here’s hoping Santa will bring the team a starting first baseman with a high on-base percentage and maybe a fifth starter. Will those things even fit in his sleigh?


  1. I hoped Santa would keep my boy Augie Ojeda here and he has so far…but now I hear rumors they may get rid of him 🙁 I hope we get someone to also play 1B…Brandon Allen is not good enough to be the one

    • I think the Diamondbacks were surprised to find Augie getting a lot of interest from other teams. Their preference would be to keep Ojeda and let Tony Abreu get a little more experience at Triple-A. The Texas Rangers have shown a lot of interest in Ojeda and the rumor is the Diamondbacks would ask for pitcher CJ Wilson in return. Arizona offered Chris Snyder for Wilson but was rebuffed by Texas. If the teams rekindle talks it would not surprise me to see Ojeda traded.

      Like you I would rather they find a first baseman. Ojeda is a proven commodity whereas Abreu, Ryan Roberts, and Rusty Ryal have yet to prove they can sustain success at the major league level.


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