In Search of a Parka

I really questioned my daughter’s sanity as well as my own when she decided to attend her college graduation ceremony in Idaho in December. Seriously what was she thinking when she suggested a family from Arizona go to the frozen tundra of Idaho for a weekend of festivities where everyone dressed like Eskimos in robes?

This trip would definitely be a challenge since very few of the family actually owned what people would refer to as a winter coat. I mean with the low temperatures in Arizona being in the high-30’s or low-40’s there is not a lot of call for having a heavy coat.

With scheduled temperatures hovering around zero for Idaho we were definitely going to need something heavier than a Diamondbacks dugout jacket. This required a trip to the sporting goods store searching for coats and other cold weather gear.

I am not sure what I was expecting but I thought it would be really cool if I could somehow find a Diamondbacks winter coat. I’ve seen parkas with team logos before but as I thought about it I realized all of the logos were for football teams not baseball.

For a good two days I went to every sporting goods store in the greater Phoenix area searching for a Diamondbacks parka. At each store I would ask the salesperson if they carried such a coat and unanimously my question was met with a blank stare.

My second choice would of course be to find a Sedona Red parka that I could then adorn with a Diamondbacks patch. Once again I struck out in my quest. I whiffed so often in this search that I briefly considered changing my name to Mark Reynolds.

With the deadline for our departure quickly approaching I had to make a decision. Could I sufficiently layer clothing with my current Diamondbacks jacket that I could stay warm or would I have to settle for a non-Diamondbacks coat?

I tried the layering method putting on two Diamondbacks T-shirts, a Diamondbacks polo shirt, my Diamondbacks sweatshirt, a Diamondbacks hoodie, and my Diamondbacks dugout jacket. I felt a little like that kid from the movie A Christmas Story where he could not lower his arms.

Obviously this was not going to work. So as we were leaving town I went into a store and purchased the only parka they had in my size. It is black and a shade of blue just slightly darker than Dodger blue. I feel so dirty wearing this coat. I seriously need to write to the Diamondbacks and beg them to sell team parkas. I still have three kids that will be going to college and I cannot even imagine having to wear this Dodger looking coat.



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