Let the Magic Begin at the Winter Meetings

Throughout baseball team representatives and members of the media have packed their suitcases and now find themselves in Indianapolis. What could possibly possess the baseball community to make a trip to the frozen mid-west in the dead of winter?

The Winter Meetings begin today and with them the hopes and dreams of your team becoming a contender are born. While in most of the country the summer grass went dormant with the cold temperatures; for this one brief week all the ice and snow will be replaced by baseball activity.

This is the official beginning of the Hot Stove season when rumors will swirl like the snowy gusts through Indiana. It is a time when baseball will be at the forefront for reporters and fans alike as they try to discern who is going where and which team holds the most promise for the coming season.

As the first day progressed there have already been numerous rumors circulating about the Arizona Diamondbacks. Fox Sports reported Arizona was very interested in signing utility player Adam Kennedy to play second base for them in 2010.

That rumor was quickly squelched by the Arizona contingency stating they were not negotiating with Kennedy’s representatives and at the present time had no interest in signing a second baseman.

During the early afternoon rumors suggested the Detroit Tigers were close to dealing right-handed pitcher Edwin Jackson was close to being traded. The two leading candidates were the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Seattle Mariners.

Diamondbacks representatives responded stating they had interest but a deal was far from being consummated. The rumors then changed to state that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim were the new front runner for landing Jackson.

These are perfect examples of what the Winter Meetings are like. Team representatives from each of the franchises are confined to suites throughout the complex. There they are pouring over hundreds of scouting reports and statistical analysis.

The General Managers and their lieutenants man the phones calling their contacts with the other teams hoping to find a match that will make both teams better. In the meantime player agents are attempting to set up meetings with the various clubs hoping to sell their free agent clients to the highest bidder.

It seems somewhat fitting for this all to happen in the midst of the holiday season. With decorations everywhere and holiday music playing in the lobby; someone may just come away with the gift they always wanted an impact player that transforms a team into a contender.

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