Arizona Diamondbacks Season Ticket Holder Benefits

The great thing about Arizona Diamondbacks Season Tickets is that not only do you receive tickets to all 81 regular season games plus two exhibition games but you also receive several other benefits that people don’t necessarily know about.

As I was standing in line for FanFest last Saturday to get in an hour early I realized that I often take for granted some of the amenities that are included as part of being a Diamondbacks Season Ticket holder.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is the fact that each Season Ticket holder has a dedicated Season Ticket Services Executive. This might not seem like a big deal until you have to call down to the ballpark to ask a question or need assistance.

Before that meant explaining my situation to whoever would answer the phone. Considering that I seem to have a lot of questions, this became kind of frustrating. Now though I know I am always going to talk to the same person who knows me and my needs.

This of course has implications. My Season Ticket Services Executive is Mandi Howard. She is awesome. No matter how many times I frantically call or send her an email she calmly deals with my “emergency” and talks me off the ledge.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. I have to believe that Mandi probably ticked someone off in the Season Ticket Services group to be assigned me as a client. I’m sure when the Diamondbacks instituted this program they assumed this to be a relatively low frequency job duty.

After all, how many questions can a Season Ticket holder have? Maybe a question about game time, or a request for additional tickets but that’s about it.

Poor Mandi, she has to deal with things like questions on how high the roof is over the playing surface or if the 2010 promotional calendar has been released or when will the Media Guide be available in spiral format or better yet PDF. I’m sure she is starting to question exactly how much job satisfaction she is actually getting from this.

Besides the dedicated Season Ticket Executive there are several other benefits to being a Diamondbacks season ticket holder. The team provides you with the ability to exchange or upgrade tickets to games you might not be able to attend to another game giving you schedule flexibility.

They also have an agreement with StubHub allowing season ticket holders to sell their extra tickets to other fans without an outrageous fee attached. I have to admit these latter two services I have never used since I am always at the ballpark.

Some of the more interesting benefits include The Box Score electronic newsletter that is delivered every month. It notifies you of upcoming events and even includes a trivia contest with the winner getting autographed merchandise.

I answer all of the trivia questions the minute the newsletter arrives and I have yet to win which means there are some pretty knowledgeable season ticket holders with fast email clients. One of these days maybe I’ll win.

Perhaps the two most widely used benefits at least in my case are the early entry to Chase Field on Saturdays and the discount at the Team Shop. Showing my Season Ticket ID card will allow me to get into the stadium 30 minutes before the gates open on Fridays and Saturdays.

With the Diamondbacks usually having bobble head giveaways on Saturday that means I can go to the front of the line to get a bobble head. That has eliminated a lot of stress around our house and made it so we don’t have to camp out at the gate hours before they open.

The Team Shop discount is the feature I love and Trina hates. For me it is an excuse to get more Diamondbacks gear at less than retail. For Trina it means we have more Diamondbacks gear around the house.

Season ticket holders are given access to purchase game day tickets before they are available to the general public and are given discounts on group tickets. For those special occasions the team also gives season ticket holders a $500 credit towards an individual suite.

One of the most underrated benefit is the Arizona Fall League pass. Season ticket holders receive a free pass to attend Arizona Fall League games each October and November showcasing some of the best young talent in baseball.

The games are sparsely attended but the quality of talent is first class. I look forward to this every year and the Diamondbacks make it even better by giving me free admission.

Overall being a Diamondbacks season ticket holder is a very rewarding and with all of these added benefits it is a great value. Now if I could just talk them into giving season ticket holders free Wi-Fi access at Chase Field or maybe a discount to MLB.TV my life would be complete.

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