New Blog Features Behind Scenes Look at Diamondbacks

One of the great parts about writing a baseball blog is that you have the opportunity to meet some very cool people who share your passion for the game. The great thing about the national pastime is that fans come from diverse backgrounds yet are connected by their love of the game.

Shortly after the 2006 season, I had an opportunity to meet with Derrick Hall, then the incoming president of the Arizona Diamondbacks who was taking over for Rich Dozer. The meeting was to be held at Hall’s office at Chase Field.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to be invited to meet with the president of the Diamondbacks, especially at Chase Field. As I arrived at the stadium I went to the “Wow Lobby” aptly named by Jerry Colangelo who wanted people to go “wow” when they entered the Diamondbacks office space.

I was taken upstairs and into Mr. Hall’s office. The meeting was pretty informal and broached several subjects about the team, my experiences as a fan, and baseball in general. At certain points Derrick would motion someone into his office, introduce me, and then have me recount something I had said.

It was a surreal experience especially when I met parts of the ownership for the team, and other members of the Diamondbacks front office that you never dream you would ever talk to. During part of the discussion Derrick brought in the Diamondbacks publication team.

As happens quite often, I began talking about going to Diamondbacks games and offering suggestions of how things might be improved for a better fan experience at Chase Field. Usually people just roll their eyes and cease listening after a few moments. This time was different; people were taking notes and asking me questions.

One of those in the room was Greg Salvatore who was the Director of Publications and Editor for D-Backs Insider magazine. We struck up a conversation about blogs, magazines, and covering baseball.

It was an honor to talk to all of these people and I walked away admiring how well the Diamondbacks organization was structured. What I did not realize was how much that meeting would change my life.

During the 2007 season I received a call from Greg Salvatore asking for an interview for a story he was working on about fan web pages. After the interview we talked several more times resulting in him offering me an opportunity to write a monthly column in the D-Backs Insider Magazine.

For the next season and a half I wrote for the magazine covering the team from a fan’s perspective. It was like a dream. I had no formal training as a journalist but Greg always made sure my stuff sounded professional and well written.

When the Diamondbacks changed from a monthly formatted publication to a smaller one available at each home stand, my writing for the magazine stopped. Despite not being involved, Greg and I still stayed in contact.

Earlier this week I received an email from Greg telling me he had begun a new blog called The D-blog. I am always looking for new Diamondbacks and baseball blogs so I was excited at the news.

I went out to see his site and was impressed at the articles he had written. Beyond a typical baseball blog, The D-Blog offers readers an opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Greg’s writing style is first rate and his articles are very engaging. Some are short snippets of information he has uncovered while others could be magazine articles. Each subject is covered very well and I’ve enjoyed reading his content.

I would definitely recommend adding The D-Blog to your Diamondbacks blog reader.

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