They’re Here, My Season Tickets Are Here!

There are certain times of year that are absolutely torture for a mailman. There is of course catalog season where they have to stuff an abundance of printed catalogs into each mail recipient’s mailbox and let’s not forget the holiday season with all the cards, letters, and gifts that are sent around the country.

In our neighborhood there is also a third time of year that strikes fear into the heart of the mail man; the delivery of Arizona Diamondbacks Season Tickets.

Each year in mid-March the Arizona Diamondbacks will send a package via United States Postal Service that contains booklets of tickets for each game of the upcoming season. The team will usually notify its Season Ticket Holders of the shipment so they can be on the lookout for the package. My notification came yesterday and since that time the house has been on high alert.

This event has happened every spring for the past 13 years so the mailman is now well aware of the process. Even with this, he never seems quite prepared for me to follow the mail truck down the street like a mad dog running from box to box peppering him with questions.

You know come to think of it, the regular mailman always seems to be sick this week sending a replacement to deliver the mail until after Season Tickets have arrived. I’m not sure what ailment he has but I hope he feels better.

So for the past two days I have held a vigil praying for the delivery of my tickets welcoming me to what lies ahead for the 2010 season. As the mail truck enters our subdivision, I make my way to the sidewalk and prepare to leap into the street to catch up to the mailman.

The postal worker grips the steering wheel tightly as he approaches then just as I make my leap he hits the gas and the race begins. It’s funny, the mailbox is only about 150 yards from my house so I am not sure why we go to this kind of effort but we do.

I get to the mailbox out of breath (this is the pathetic part since again it is only 150 yards away) and look longingly into the mailman’s eyes pleading with him to please see if there is a package for me from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

At this point I am not sure which is more terrifying that I am looking longingly at the mailman or that I am pleading for delivery of an envelope from a baseball team. On any other day this would make me extremely uncomfortable but it just feels appropriate when waiting for Season Tickets.

The mailman retrieves an envelope and suddenly I become the human equivalent of Pavlov’s dog running around in circles and salivating. Had it been night I may have actually howled at the moon.

The mailman hands me the envelope and I begin skipping back to the house content with leaving the rest of the mail in the mailbox to be retrieved later. The mailman looks both relieved and extremely frightened at the sight of a 49 year-old man skipping and singing, “I’ve got an envelope, I’ve got an envelope”

As I enter the house I quickly gather everyone in the family to come and behold what I have in my hand. I gently opened the envelope and carefully retrieve its contents. There in my hands are all my hopes and dreams neatly contained in 83 individual packages.

I hold the ticket book up and gaze at its beauty. I touch it to my nose and breathe in deeply smelling fresh ink but my mind smells the aromas of cut grass, roasting peanuts, and hot dogs. It doesn’t get much better than this.

I thumb through each ticket reading the date and the opponent trying to imagine what it will be like to walk through the gates at Chase Field on that particular day. Where will the team be in the standings, who will have a great game that day, what historic event could unfold that very day.

Standing there in the living room I am swept away to the lazy days of summer when kids are out of school and the temperatures reach their highest points. In the midst of it all is baseball and as an Arizona Diamondbacks Season Ticket Holder I will be there soaking it all in. Yep, today was a great day to be alive.



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