Diamondbacks In-Game Promotions

The Arizona Diamondbacks do a great job of keeping the fans involved in the game. There is the traditional organ music which in the Diamondbacks case is handled by Bobby Freeman who is referred to as the team’s musical mascot.

There is also D Baxter the Bobcat who energizes the crowd and brings a smile to every kid in the stadium and more than a few adults for that matter. The dbTV display beyond center field is a cornerstone of the in-game experience with its high definition pictures and the plethora of information it provides.

Between innings the team does a good job of making sure there is no down time. There is the ever popular Circle K Hot Dog races that occur in the bottom of the third inning pitting three young fans dressed as Ketchup, Mustard, and Relish who run in place while an animation of hopping hot dogs goes around the bases.

A new promotion this season is the Gila River Kachinko game where one lucky fan is chosen to drop a disk into a giant Kachinko game in left center field. The prizes range from merchandise to becoming a finalist for a new car to be given away during Fandemonium at the end of the season.

To become a part of either the Hot Dog Races or the Kachinko game, stop by the Season Ticket Holders booth behind Section 112 and use one of the two interactive kiosks to enter. The entry is all electronic and can be streamlined by scanning your driver’s license to enter data into the fields.

I did find one oddity in the process. When you begin an entry process at the kiosk you can select which drawings you want to enter. When I did it, I selected just the Hot Dog Races since my son was with me. I figured I would go back and enter the others later.

The system allowed me to enter the data for the Hot Dog Races drawing. When I went back the next day to enter the other drawings the system told me I had already entered and it would not let me add myself for the other drawings.

So if you think you may want to enter the promotional drawings for more than one drawing make sure you do it in one sitting otherwise you cannot do it. It looks like a design flaw with their software to me.

Overall the promotions have been fun over the first few games. I’m a little disappointed the Diamondbacks are no longer running the promotion where a fan wins $1 million if someone hits the baseball signs hanging in left and right center field. The odds of that happening are astronomical but it was fun to see the moving signs.



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