The Designated Fan

At my daughter’s wedding we had several family members who traveled great distance to be here for the event. My wife’s sister and her family came from Idaho and decided to make a family vacation out of the trip.

They were hoping to see a baseball game at Chase Field while they were here but the Diamondbacks were out of town. It seemed kind of strange to me that they would even think there would be a home game. After all, the wedding was planned to make sure I wouldn’t miss a game.

The Diamondbacks were playing the Los Angeles Dodgers April 13-15 then moving south for a three game series against the San Diego Padres April 16-18. Initially I suggested that my daughter and her husband spend their honeymoon in San Diego and catch a game.

The stare I got for that was second only to the glare that Randy Johnson gave to left-handed batters who dared enter the batter’s box. Fine, there are plenty of other things they can do in San Diego instead of a baseball game. None of them would be as much fun as a Diamondbacks game but there are other things to do.

Since I knew they were watching their money on the honeymoon, I suggested perhaps I should go with them which would help pay for gas. This suggestion was met with fierce opposition. Both mother and daughter adamantly objected to me going on their honeymoon.

Hey, it’s not like I am going to be hanging out with them the whole time. They could just drop me off at Petco Park before the first game of the series and pick me up after the game on Sunday. The stadium surely had food and I could probably sleep in the aisle on the upper deck.

Regardless of my persuasive arguments the answer remained no, I was not going to San Diego and in fact now neither was my daughter or her husband. It looked as though the Diamondbacks would not have a friendly fan in the stands due to my daughter’s short-sighted attitude.

All was not lost though. I was somehow able to talk my wife’s sister into going to San Diego and sending her son to the game. Throughout the game I had him texting me with updates which was kind of redundant since I was watching the game on television.

Having a fan in the stands was good. I was able to send him messages of what to yell at the team and the fans. It wasn’t the same thing as being there but in a pinch it worked out pretty well except for the fact that the Diamondbacks lost the game.

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