A Dubious Diamondbacks Record

At the end of the 2006 regular season the Arizona Diamondbacks announced they would be changing their team colors and logo. Gone would be the traditional purple, teal, black, and copper. In its place would be “Sedona Red”, “Sonoran Sand”, and Black.

That was a very trying time in my life and one I have still not completely come to grips with. I still have several original jerseys and there are times I find myself standing in the closet staring at them, my mind flooded with memories of all the great games I saw during the “purple era”.

Living in the past won’t bring back the glory days of 2001. Then again, it won’t bring back the pain of 2004 either so there is something to be said about that.

When the team unveiled the new look I was less than enthusiastic. Still, I saw it as a new beginning, one that held the hope and promise of returning to the post season.

Opening Day 2007 was in Colorado where the Diamondbacks were playing the Rockies at Coors Field. I was at that game decked out in the official gray jersey with Sedona Red accents and “Arizona” proudly displayed across the chest.

In that first game Brandon Webb struggled against a potent Rockies line-up. In the end the Diamondbacks were victorious scoring three runs in the eighth inning to win 8-6. I remember walking back to my hotel room that afternoon reveling in the idea that the Diamondbacks were undefeated in the new color scheme.

From that point forward I began tracking what jersey the Diamondbacks wore each game to see how well they played in the new uniforms. As each game ended I would document the results on Now Hitting in case anyone else was curious.

Fast forwarding ahead to Saturday May 1, 2010 the Diamondbacks were on the cusp of setting a franchise record, one that no one in the organization is really thinking about.

When Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Marmol struck out Diamondbacks first baseman Adam LaRoche to end the game, it marked the 100th loss the Diamondbacks suffered while wearing the Gray away uniform. Over the first three plus years since changing colors, the Diamondbacks had a record of 76-100 wearing the gray.

The Diamondbacks have by far the worst record in that color of any of the four jerseys they wear. The team only wears gray on the road meaning away from the confines of Chase Field the team tends to struggle getting victories.

For those curious the team has a 24-18 record when wearing the black jerseys during Saturday home games. The Sedona Red jersey which is worn on Wednesdays and Sundays both on the road and at home the team has a 79-88 record. By far and away the most successful jersey the team wears is the white home jersey where they have a 77-55 record.

I have no idea what any of this means other than that I have way too much time on my hands. Oh and for the record, I write the majority of my blog entries while wearing the Sedona Red jersey in case anyone is keeping track.



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