Mother’s Day Madness or the Giveaway that Got Away

There are days when even the best laid plans fall by the wayside. When the Diamondbacks 2010 regular season schedule was released there were a few games that stood out as ones not to be missed. Well let me rephrase that, there is never a game that I want to miss. But there are a select few dates that I want to make sure I am at the ballpark.

Some of these games are against opponents you don’t want to miss like when the New York Yankees or the St. Louis Cardinals come to town. There are other games that you want to be there just because of the promotion or theme. I mean who doesn’t want to see fans dressed up in disco clothes for ‘70’s night?

There are still other games where the stadium giveaway will drive up attendance and you need to plan accordingly to beat the crowds into the stadium. Beanie Baby night and bobble head days would rank in that category and given the buzz going around about lawn gnome night that too will require early admission to beat the throng of people into the stadium.

After 13 seasons you develop a hunch of which dates are going to be popular. Still there are days when I just miss it and find myself in a predicament. Today happened to be one of those days.

In all fairness, I am not even sure Nostradamus could have predicted this one. The Arizona Diamondbacks were finishing up a three game series with the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers had shelled the Diamondbacks in the first two games and the pitching match-up didn’t necessarily favor the home team today either.

The Phoenix Suns were scheduled to play what could be and was the deciding game in a series against the longtime nemesis San Antonio Spurs. Phoenix has long been a basketball town so that would have an impact on the number of people attending the Diamondbacks game.

Finally it was Mother’s Day and it has been my experience that there are not a lot of mothers whose first choice of activities on their special day is going to a baseball game. So given all of these factors I “assumed” the game would not be as well attended as the others in this home stand.

Based on the announced attendance, my assessment was right. Sunday’s 25,358 was the lowest figure of the three-game series. What I had miscalculated was the number of ladies that would be at the game.

The stadium giveaway was a sleek Sedona Red purse, which seems to have been a hot item. The team gave away 5,000 to women entering the stadium turnstiles and these purses were quickly snatched up.

I had assumed there would be no difficulty in obtaining a purse for my wife. After all, we go to the early and therefore would be assured of receiving one.

As we were getting ready to go to the game there seemed to be a perfect storm where the planet was aligning against me. First our daughter called and desperately needed to talk to mom then there was the proverbial door-to-door salesman that insisted I needed religion or a new vacuum cleaner I don’t know which.

As game time quickly approached I was getting frantic. Things came to a head when the car battery decided today was a good day to die (kind of like the Diamondbacks bullpen). After a quick car change we rushed down to Chase Field entering the gates a mere 20 minutes before first pitch.

My wife walked through the turnstile and stood waiting for a stadium giveaway. The ticket representative apologized and explained they had given them all away. As we walked through the concourse towards our seats, we past a multitude of women all were sporting their new D-Backs purses.

Each time we saw one my wife reminded me that I had promised her a bag and how it would make the perfect sewing and stitchery bag. For nine innings I sat in my seats watching the Diamondbacks blow another game all the while being reminded that every other mother at Chase Field had a new purse.

For the next few days I’ll be scouring eBay in search of a Diamondbacks stadium giveaway that somehow got away. Oh, and I need a new car battery and I’m not completely sure I didn’t buy a vacuum or join a new religion.



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