The Arizona Diamondbacks Season Ticket Holder Advisory Board

Each game during the pre-game festivities at Chase Field the Public Address announcer proclaims the Arizona Diamondbacks as the most fan-friendly team in all of sports. Many would declare this as marketing hyperbole but fans who have followed the Diamondbacks over the past five years would realize the title fits.

Of all the Major League Baseball teams I have followed throughout my life none of them come close to the customer service of the Diamondbacks. They make it easy to be a fan.

This organizational philosophy begins at the top with the ownership group and flows through President and CEO Derrick Hall who has implemented many changes to be more fan-centric in their business practices.

The latest example of this customer focus came to my attention this week. I received a monthly email newsletter from the Diamondbacks that goes out to all Season Ticket Holders. In it was an article introducing the formation of a Season Ticket Holder Advisory Board (STHAB).

The board is made up of 12 Arizona Diamondbacks season ticket holders. These members serve for a period of one to two years. They formally meet once a month and informally a lot more often.

During the monthly meeting the board gets together with members of the Arizona Diamondbacks staff to discuss issues and make suggestions of how to make the game day experience better for fans.

In meetings so far this season the board has discussed such topics as the quality of concessions to how to provide the best viewing experience for watching the Friday night fireworks displays. Season ticket holders can send email to meet with the board to discuss their concerns and offer suggestions.

The chairman of the Season Ticket Holder Advisory Board is Frank Gennario. Anyone who has spent much time at Chase Field knows of Frank. He has been a Diamondbacks Season Ticket Holder since 1998 and has never missed a home game at Chase Field. He has been featured in the local newspapers and on Fox Sports Arizona for his consecutive games streak.

I immediately sent an email to the STHAB with a few suggestions that I consistently hear from fans around the stadium. Timing seemed to be perfect as my email arrived just a day before the board was to have its monthly meeting.

As a result my suggestions went to the board for discussion. Afterward I received an email with Frank providing me with a response for each of the suggestions. The amount of detail and description given was impressive.

Frank suggested we meet and discuss these items further and he could explain the goals of the STHAB. I’m always interested in talking to baseball fans and gladly accepted his invitation.

Since both of us are always at the game it seemed natural to meet and watch a game. I was invited to Frank’s seats above the visitor’s dugout for a game. It was an incredible experience.

We sat, talked, watched baseball, and kept score. If I didn’t know any better I would have bet money the game was the shortest in Chase Field history. The game ended well before either of us had exhausted subjects of conversation.

After the final out was recorded I thanked Frank for his time. As I walked out of Chase Field I knew the Diamondbacks and the STHAB were in good hands. Some of the subjects the board has discussed are already resulting in a better game day experience.

This is yet another concrete example that proves the Arizona Diamondbacks have a legitimate claim for being the most fan-friendly team in Major League Baseball and probably in all of sports.

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