They’re Mine, They’re All Mine!

Perhaps one of the most under appreciated benefits of being an Arizona Diamondbacks Season Ticket Holder is the flexibility the team provides for purchasing or renewing your tickets. In the past teams have had a choice of paying your season tickets with a single payment or possibly splitting the purchase into two payments.

With the Diamondbacks they offer multiple ways of paying for tickets so that fans can select a payment schedule that best meets their needs. Typically I’ll use the one or two payment methods but given our current circumstances I needed to be a little more creative.

Over the past 12 months my wife has lost her job only to be rehired but at a lesser salary or for fewer hours. We have two children who are now attending college one of them out-of-state. We’ve had several medical and dental emergencies that always seem to occur at just the wrong moment. Finally, we had a daughter get married.

All of these events occurred during a time of economic downward pressures. Had I attempted to add the cost of season tickets to this situation it would have been impossible. The Arizona Diamondbacks understand their fans and make every effort to assist with creative payment plans to make buying tickets less of a burden.

New this year was a payment plan that allowed me to spread out the cost of tickets across several months including two months after the season began. So while Opening Day occurred on April 5th this year, my final payment on my tickets would not come due until May.

In fact, the day of the final payment for my 2010 Diamondbacks Season Tickets was today. As of now I am officially a fully paid season ticket holder. The question was, how should we celebrate?

I’ve read stories about people holding a mortgage burning party where they burn the note signifying that they finally own their house free and clear. That sounds interesting but there was no mortgage on my season tickets and I was definitely not planning to burn my ticket book.

I thought about having a party inviting a bunch of my friends over but then I realized I wouldn’t even be home. The Diamondbacks have a game at Chase Field against the Los Angeles Dodgers so like every other night when the team is in town I’ll be sitting in Section 132 Row 9 Seat 9 which as of today is officially my seat at least until October 3rd.



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