Dan Haren Bobbles Head to Victory

Through the years some of the most popular stadium giveaways at Chase Field have been the bobble head dolls. In the early days people were so obsessed with player bobble heads, they would camp out waiting for the gates to open to make sure they were among the lucky few to receive one.

I know this for a fact because I was one of those insane fans who did the camping out. It would usually start eight to ten hours before the gates were to open. We would make our way down to Chase Field and set up an umbrella and chairs to wait.

That doesn’t sound too bad until you factor in that the average summer temperature in Phoenix Arizona is around 105 degrees. By the time the gates opened we would have sweat off 10 pounds and we’d have very little energy until we downed a gallon of water and three snow cones.

Through the years excitement for bobble head giveaways has waned slightly but is still one of the bigger draws of the season. I’m always curious how well a player performs on their bobble head day.

In most cases it is rather anticlimactic but there are some exceptions. For example, for Carlos Quintin’s bobble head day he was in the minors playing in Triple-A. Tony Pena was traded just before his bobble head day forcing the Diamondbacks to scramble to get a replacement before the season ended.

Today it was Dan Haren’s bobble head. He had extra pressure as the bobble head represented him being named to the 2009 All-Star game. In typical fashion, Haren did not disappoint. He threw eight strong innings allowing two runs on six hits. Helping his own cause Haren went 2-3 at the plate including a double and scored a run. In the stands were 15,000 bobble heads nodding in unison.

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